The Canadian demographic landscape has changed dramatically in recent decades. Read this article to find out how that affects your business!

How do Canadian Demographics affect your marketing?

Here are 3 facts about the ethnic background of your Canadian customers!

Canada is particularly well known for its multicultural diversity. Did you know that as of 2006 Canada has been home to people from more than 200 different ethnic origins? In stark contrast, the Canadian census from 1901 only recorded 25 different ethnic groups in Canada. 

Several industries are already looking to attract Canadian immigrants in order to grow. Some of Canada's largest financial institutions are already offering unsecured credit cards, multilingual banking services, periods of no-fee banking and help in sending money to relatives overseas. If you think that these immigration statistics do not affect your business, think again. Here are some key facts pertaining to the ethnic background of Canadian customers:

1) 19% of Canadians speak a mother tongue other than English

According to the Canadian Census from 2006 about one in five (18.6%) Canadians reported that Chinese is their mother tongue (this includes the various dialects, such as Cantonese and Mandarin). This was followed by Italian (6.6%), Punjabi (5.9%), Spanish (5.8%), German (5.4%), Tagalog (4.8%) and Arabic (4.7%). A mother tongue is defined as the first language a person has learned at home in childhood and still understands at the time of the census. In the last 25 years, the proportion of recent immigrants whose mother tongue is neither English nor French has increased. In 2006 almost 80% of newcomers to Canada reported a foreign mother tongue.

2) Four in every ten new immigrants settled in the Toronto region

The Census revealed that more foreign-born people settled in the Toronto area between 2001 and 2006 than in any other metropolitan area. Out of the 1,110,000 foreign-born people who arrived in Canada during this five-year period an estimated 40.4% chose to settle in Toronto. The top two source countries for immigrants to Toronto were Asian. In 2006, India surpassed the People's Republic of China as the number one source country of immigrants settling in Toronto. About 17.4% of all newcomers come from India, whereas 14.3% come from the People's Republic of China. Combined, these two countries accounted for nearly one-third of all newcomers in the Toronto metropolitan area.

3) Vast majority of immigrants are in younger age groups

As expected, people tend to migrate while they are young. The immigrants who arrived in Canada since 2001 were over-represented in the younger age brackets compared with the Canadian-born population. in 2006, 57.3% of immigrants who came to Canada in the last five years were in the prime-working age group of 25 to 54. In contrast, only 42.3% of the Canadian-born population were in that same age group. 

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