Have you considered marketing your products and services to Canadian immigrants? We give you three tips to get you started!
How to Market to New Canadians

Three Tips To Help You Get Started

How to Market to Canadian Immigrants

I've recently held a lecture at a local networking event and spoke about the Canadian Census from 2011. Did you know that:
  • ... more than 200 languages are now being used in Canada?
  • ... 20% of the Canadian population speaks a language other than French or English at home?
  • ... in Toronto, 1,790,000 people reported speaking an immigrant language most often at home, which means 32.2% of the total population - the highest proportion among all Census metropolitan areas.
  • ... by 2031, almost 80% of Toronto residents will likely be immigrants or children of immigrant parents.
  • ... according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, more than 250,000 immigrants came to Canada in 2012, a 3.5% jump from 2011.
The face of the Canadian consumer is changing rapidly and if companies don't wake up and start to cater to the needs of New Canadians, some of us might be left behind!

The new buzz word in the marketing industry is "multicultural marketing", which highlights the fact that a sustained effort is required to cater to new Canadians, as well as an understanding of their behaviour and attitude. 

Marketers agree that connecting newcomers with brand messages can only be done by being mindful of the diverse ethnic backgrounds, traditions and values. But what is most important, is to provide your product or service in the language of your new clients. Royal Bank of Canada is already offering a staggering 150 languages to choose from when you call their toll-free number!

If you'd like to set yourself apart from the competition, consider marketing to the more than a quarter of a million new consumers that arrive in Canada every year. Here are three tips to get you started:
  1. If your target market encompasses ethnic minorities, consider publishing articles in ethnic newspapers or speaking in associations or community groups where new Canadians are active. 
  2. Language hurdles make immigrants eager for information in their native language. If your target market feels most comfortable communicating in their native language, use bilingual sales people and translate your sales documentation and website into the language that your target market speaks.
  3. By sponsoring events within the ethnic community you are targeting, you can position your company as a supporter of that community. What's even more valuable though, is that you get the opportunity to speak to people face to face about their particular needs and how you can best accommodate them.
Interested in more?
  • Read a National Post article entitled "Canada Census in graphics" that provides a great overview over the languages spoken in Canada
  • Contact us via email to obtain a quote for having your sales documentation and website translated into a language of your choice. Quotes are always free and returned within 24 hours!
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Certified Translation

We realize how much running back and forth it takes to complete your immigration, new education or job. If you require proper, certified translations, contact us to get the job done right the first time! We've been in business since 1995 and 100% of our certified translations have been accepted as valid by government and academic organizations.

The following documents may require certified legal translation:

• Academic Records
• Academic Transcripts
• Adoption Papers
• Birth Certificates
• Customs' Documents
• Death Certificates
• Divorce Decrees
• Driver's Licenses
• Financial Records
• Immigration Papers
• Legal Contracts
• Marriage Certificates
• Medical Records
• Passports
• Police Records
• Real Estate Deeds, Leases
• Wills

Please send your email inquiry to today to inquire about your particular language combination and required turnaround time.

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We have met many clients that are simply confused by the capitalization rules that are outlined in style guides, such as "The Chicago Manual of Style". If you could use a hand with your next document or slideshow, consider using the online Title Capitalization Tool!

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