Considering website translation? Find out how your bottom line can be improved!

Website Translation

Looking to expand into new, foreign markets?
5 reasons why you should translate your website!

You probably consider your website to be your most important tool when expanding into foreign markets. However, how many visitors end up leaving or never even finding your website, because they don't read English? Below you will find the top five reasons that will highlight for you how a website translation can quickly improve your bottom line:

1) 56.6%* of Internet users speak a native language other than English!
Today, the demographics of Internet users have considerably expanded to include non-English Internet users. We can watch the dominance of the English language on the web slowly ebbing, while foreign languages on the Internet are rapidly expanding. According to Wikipedia the use of the Spanish language has increased by 743% in the last ten years, while Chinese grew by 1,277%,  Russian by 1,826% and Arabic comes in with an astonishing 2,501% in the same period! 

2) Web users are four times* more likely to purchase from a site that communicates in the customer's language!
Translating your website and other marketing materials highlights your company's commitment to non-English speaking customers and their unique needs. No matter how much time and effort you spend on creating website content and marketing your online presence, potential customers who find your website need to understand the products and services you offer. Using the web as a marketing tool is an important decision, but failing to take into account the non-English speaking community means you are literally missing out on millions of potential customers from markets that might be very lucrative for you.

3) Visitors stay for twice* as long if a website is in their own language, which means that "site stickiness" is doubled!
Even though your company can ship products anywhere in the world, you might notice that your website visitors are currently only coming from the UK or the US. Having your website translated and localized for other markets can dramatically improve your exposure to other countries. People who have little or no English skills are said to be six times less likely not to buy from English-only sites, particularly when the values of the products are high. Furthermore, 56.2% of people surveyed have said that when making a purchase decision, information written in their own native language (as translated by a translation agency), was more important than a low price.
* Source: Forrester Research

4) You can increase your profits and broaden your scope of action by way of a small investment!
Companies that report increased profits after a website translation point out that the actual translation cost was small in comparison to other expenses. Hence, investing in translating your website increases overall expenses by a little, while driving new sales in new target markets and expanding your customer base.
5) Your site can obtain a higher index in the major search engines, as a result of a richer content and local indexing!
When translating websites, translation agencies also localize all elements that are exclusively viewed by search engines, such as:
- meta tags (titles, descriptions, keywords, etc.),
- alt tags (image descriptions),
- links and
- anchor texts.
Localization helps you to increase the effectiveness of your keywords, their ranking significance and their compliance with marketing objectives in your new target market. 

  • To get an insight into worldwide Internet user statistics , click here.
  • To find out how many words need to be translated for your website, click here in order to use "webwordcount".
  • To obtain a quote for getting your website translated and localized, please email us or call us at +1(519) 591-8802. Quotes are returned within 24 hours, are always free and non-obligatory!

Looking to expand into Germany?

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Graphic Translation Services

Did you know that Premier Focus also offers desktop publishing services in all major languages? Some people refer to these services as "Graphic Translation Services".

Our desktop publishing and graphic translation services team has extensive technological and typographical expertise in all major languages. Let us help you design your document and adapt it to the target market of your choice!

Are you creating a newsletter, brochure, annual report, training manual, or perhaps even a special mailing for your customers or prospects abroad?

You might need graphic translation services to make your document appropriate for the target language.

Things we watch out for:

  • Different fonts and special characters
  • Text growth after translation
  • Different hyphenation rules for different languages
  • Culturally appropriate style
Translations are accurately fitted into existing layouts while we try to retain the original artwork. Your company's representative in the local country can approve proofs before final delivery of files, and your printer can work with our "camera ready" copy as easily as the English original.

Send your document to to obtain a free, non-obligatory quote. Quotes are typically returned within 24 hours!
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Did you know?

A person who loves words (a word buff) is called a LOGOPHILE.

The word logophile is formed from logo-, a combining form meaning 'word', from Greek lógos 'word', and -phile, a suffix meaning 'lover of; enthusiast for (something specified)', from Latin from Greek -philos 'beloved'. The earliest example in English is from the late 1950s.
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