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13 May 2016

Help shape Subiaco's economic future

The City of Subiaco is reviewing the current Economic Development Strategy and is looking to the local business community for consultation on the future economic direction for the city. This strategy has strong links to the city’s Corporate Business Plan, and sets out a number of strategies to guide the city and relevant stakeholders in driving local economic activity and programs for 2013-2017. 

The city has appointed a consultant to assist the city with the review. David Duncanson from Kirkgate Consulting is an experienced consultant in creating economic development strategies and recently completed a Retail and Hospitality Assessment of the Subiaco Town Centre.

Have your say
An integral component of developing the strategy is consultation with the business community, allowing you to voice your opinions about the economic future of Subiaco. This valuable information will assist the city in creating an Economic Development Strategy that will stimulate business activity and meet the current and future needs of the community.

As a member of the Subiaco business community you are invited to contribute your ideas and provide direct input into the city’s review of the strategy at one-on-one interviews with consultant David Duncanson. If you are interested in being involved in this valuable consultation process, please contact David on by Friday 3 June to arrange the meeting.

For more information about economic development in the city, or to view the Economic Development Strategy 2013–2017 visit the city's website, or for more information on the review contact