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Newsletter November 2012
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Diet is the key – the good and the clean Dr Jason Watson on gum disease The dentist scale and clean (some say I’d rather have a baby!)
So here is the recipe for making the teeth, gums, patient and the dentist happy for life! Avoid regular eating of sugars, especially sticky varieties. To recognize a sugar the chemical name ends in “ose”. For example sucrose, ... Gum disease is a widespread problem and is often why patients lose their teeth. This occurs when the plaque that sits around the gum margins of the teeth accumulate. It can make your gums appear red, swollen and bleed a little when ... Yes some women have said that. The men, well they wouldn’t know. Scaling of teeth has been made easier for the dentist with the advent of the ultrasonic cleaner. The device has a tip that vibrates at very high frequency ...
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Cleaning difficult areas - Interdental cleaners, part one - The roots Cleaning difficult areas - Interdental cleaners, part two - Between the teeth Cleaning difficult areas – Part three – Flossing – Annoying but necessary
There are parts of the mouth when normal tooth brushing cannot get to. These are areas where bone has been lost or where teeth are in usual positions. This creates areas where bacteria can hide from the cleansing actions ... The same principles for using the interdental brush in between roots also applies in between the teeth. Take the special brush and rest it on the tooth surface where the teeth touch at a 45 degree angle and slide it into the space ... Flossing is a habit that would be great to have as part of oral hygiene. However, it does take some effort and dexterity to master this cleaning habit. The best time to floss is before you clean your teeth with a tooth brush ...
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