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Newsletter JUNE 2012


No news is good news!
Boring is Good

This should be the ultimate response by the dentist to the patient. Everything is normal. Go forth till the next check-up. This is the end of a journey rather than the beginning. Before we explore this journey which has been touched on by previous blogs, let‘s find out what a dental examination involves. It may be surprising to learn that the mouth and its surrounding structures are attached to the rest of the human body!

Understanding your medical needs What is in a dental exam? - There is more to your mouth than teeth
The Dental Chart – The abstract dental artwork of you
We need to know your medical history. The important areas of a medical history include your age (sorry), identification, medications ...
We need to learn of your concerns and expectations of care with SeymourDental. We want to find out as much as possible as we do not treat strangers ...
The abstract artwork is a window of each patient’s dental situation at a specific point in time. The top chart of idealized teeth tells us what has happened in the past ...
learn more about this here learn more about this here learn more about this here
Treatment Plan – The road map to boring is good
"Building on the solid foundation" – The next phase of treatment planning
Why Seymour Dental?
The dental chart allows a graphic representation of what we need to do. The treatment plan is the next dimension of treatment because it provides priority and a time ...
Your mouth is now healthy and stable. You are maintaining good cleaning habits, your diet is under control and you love to visit us every 6 months ...
At Seymour Dental, we are dedicated to providing personal care to assist you in achieving excellent health outcomes for life ...
learn more about this here learn more about this here learn more about this here
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