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Newsletter APRIL 2012
Getting to the root of your dental problems
Let’s face it, dentists are problem solvers and the main problem is pain. Today we have a lot of gadgets to help us solve problems. However, all gadgets have their limitations and sometimes we just do not know the answers. Yes, believe or not, dentists are not perfect.
How often are xrays taken and why? - Periapicals (The Oral Sherlock Holmes) How often are xrays taken and why? - OPG The things that dentists wear - not just a smile
This leads us to the other uses of the periapical xray which is record keeping, monitoring and the planning of treatment. With root canal treatment the length of the tooth has to accurately found once the cleaning files are placed. We need to know ... OPG or panoramic X-rays are great for an overall assessment of the entire mouth, bones, sinuses and jaw joints of new patients. In other words it can be used as a screening tool for a person’s first visit. A lot of information can be obtained ... Yes, it’s scary enough going to the dentist, then to see this creature before you. We are still human (although some of may think otherwise)! We have to deal with very tiny objects inside and outside the mouth ...
learn more about this here learn more about this here learn more about this here
Intra-oral camera - See, do & learn a lot better Cracked teeth – Ouch! Referred pain - The curse of the dentist
The intra-oral camera has been an excellent device for dental detective work and it's more fun than a magnifying glass! Our intra-oral camera (link to facilities) not only lets us show patients what's going on in their ... It starts off with a very sharp jabbing feeling or pain in a tooth on eating a hard food. The pain stops after a while. It may be sensitive to cold or hot, but eventually it stops. Everything is fine then every so often, after eating, the pain returns ... This is where the detective work needs to be done carefully. The nerves to the upper and lower teeth and jaw have a common nerve trunk going to the brain. It is called the trigeminal nerve. It is also known as the fifth cranial nerve ...
learn more about this here learn more about this here learn more about this here
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