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I named this photo Ripped Again. See Just for You, below, for more.

Stitch Pattern Confusion? I am always confused between Moss and Double Seed. I wrote this entire post and I am not sure it is any easier to remember (you can read why), but at least it is all explained in one place.

Osswald Design. I've featured Tanja's crochet work in past newsletters. Now you can Read about Tanja Osswald. We are quite different, but enjoy supporting each other as creative businesses/souls. 

Planning Ahead. Planning is not that fun after you get past the initial thrill of thinking about all the things you will get done. Especially when you realize how much work it is to get to that done place. But it is what gets stuff done, even when your planning isn't elaborate. Be sure to check out my Planning Worksheets too. 

Knitting Treasures. My Tuesday blog is for answering questions. I love it when I can help a knitter, so please ask me questions; I have spent an inordinate amount of time developing my expertise and I love getting emails. If it is a question I can make a blog post about, so much the better. The Moss and Double Seed post was in response to an email!

. . . Links Roundup

Madame DeFarge.  This article about women using words in textile art is interesting. It deals with embroidery, but I think we knit what we are thinking and feeling into what we knit. What do you say in your knits?

Knitting Reference Library. Definitely worth a peek. I plan to spend some time here looking through old knitting references.

Not As Easy As It Looks. If you are like me, if someone asks me how I can knit, cook, or whatever so well, my response is usually "it isn't that hard". But that isn't really true is it? We spend a lot of time perfecting our skills and so why do we downplay our skills and accomplishments?

Convertible Slippers.  These are not 100% wool, but the idea of having a sole that you can put on when you need to step outside, and take off indoors is really intriguing to me. They are not inexpensive, but they are versatile.

Featured Ideas . . .

gauge information from a Jill Wolcott Knits pattern
Question:  Is gauge really important?
Answer:  Only if you don't get the correct gauge.

I get that taking gauge--or making that gauge swatch--is a pain, especially when you are just eager to get started on your project. I tend to balance how much it will disappoint me if I have to rip back with whether or not I need to make a swatch.*  If the project isn't that much bigger than a swatch, then I might not bother. Or if I don't care about the finished size. Isn't that why knitters love making shawls, socks, and other small, non-fitting projects? Although I do recall a post on a forum years ago about a NQBE shawl: the Not Quite Big Enough shawl.

I have other reasons to make a gauge swatch which I set out in this recent blog post. I have a video on how to take your gauge from a swatch. 

My last words on this:
1.  Get the free download, Getting Good Gauge
2.  Do you have any UFOs that stalled because you didn't get gauge?

*I like making swatches, so familiarity with the stitch pattern and size of project are about the only times I don't do them.


I was preparing handouts for new classes as I return to my FIDM teaching schedule this week. I teach the same classes, but I always tweak the classes to fit the group I am teaching. I teach the same content, quarter after quarter.

It made me think about what it is like to learn things and what happens to a teacher as they become less and less connected to their own learning of that particular material. I have a memory of being frustrated learning to knit, and I remember learning to knit Continental in 1994 or '95, and I like to find new knitting things to learn, but it isn't that hard for me to learn new knitting things any more.

The Ripped Again photo at the beginning of this newsletter is to show that I have mastered ripping and returning my stitches to needles, not that I never make mistakes. I rip a lot. 

Since I think about knitting all the time, I would love to know what confounds you and what stands in the way of you becoming the knitter you want to be. Yes, you! I love getting emails asking me questions, so go ahead. Ask! 

P.S. Looking for a small project to knit? Like a deadline? I am starting a test knit of these sock alternatives. Email me if you want to participate or want more information. All the information is also here on Ravelry. My deadline for completion is June 1 and the pattern will be available for test knitting on Monday, April 18. I will offer a third alternative to knit (optional) in mid-May for those who want to knit more. 
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