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Session 2012-07

results of the seventh session in 2012

Dear Whisky,

The results of the seventh WDTS session for this year (blind tasting sessions organized by the forum whisky distilleries.info) are published. This session was very consistent throughout even if once again large differences in personal tastes were expressed. I invite you to take a look on these results (along with the new layout of the site, if you have not visited in recent weeks). This new layout allows easy viewing on smartphones and tablet ...
Again, we tasted six whiskys blind under the favorite conditions of the tasters: at ease at home and at their own pace.
Bottles having participated in this session all come from independent bottlers.
For this session the 6 bottles were:
  • Ben Nevis, Distilled 1996 - Limited edition (Wilson & Morgan)
  • Glen Keith Single Malts of Scotland, 22 years (Specialty Drinks)
  • Glen Scotia 1992 Sherry Hogshead (Malts of Scotland)
  • Bladnoch 21 years old (Silver Seal)
  • Aultmore, 5 years old (Master of Malt)
  • Glen Garioch 1991 Bourbon Hoghsead (Malts of Scotland)
A big thank you to all the producers, importers and bottlers as without them,  WDTS adventure would not exist.
The results are published here: http://www.whisky-distilleries.info/WhiskyWDTS/2012-07/index_EN.htm. This page provides the overall results. For detailed notes of each of the bottles tasted, simply click on the name of the bottle in the table.
I hope you enjoy reading and hope to come back to you soon with the results of the eighth session which will be launched shortly.
Jean-Marie Putz

WDTS heavily rely on the producers who agree to send one or more bottles.
In exchange, they can take the advice of tasters. The concept is quite unique WDTS: regular publication of six whiskies tasted by more than 20 participants. The sessions are completely blind.
This publication is done on a site that is much frequented  by whisky lovers... 

Producers, do not hesitate to participate. For practical questions, do not hesitate to contact me (info@whisky-distilleries.info)

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