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A note from the Editor

We’re approaching the half year mark – how has 2014 been thus far for everyone?

We’ve been busy here at T.Ware – got a few additions to the team, more trials, more collaborations, and meeting with and helping more of you. We can’t say it hasn’t been a fun year so far!

This edition, we introduce a Lifestyle segment for you, look at our Hapathon(!!), a review of T.Jacket from one of our users, and our remodelled website!

Hope you enjoy it, and have a great June!


T.Ware Hapathon

We had a Hapathon recently!
A what!? A Hapathon - A haptics technology Hackathon of course – a T.Ware special!
We started our week with a crazy session of ideating, brainstorming and value creation. We had two teams comprising hustlers, hipsters and hackers and we had some friendly competition in a bid to see who came up with the more awesome idea.

So what do you think new parents, busy commuters, athletes and people who experience severe muscular pain have in common?
Well, we believe all these groups (but not limited to) face problems which can be solved with our technology!

We explored using different tools, and this time, we used the Lean Canvas  and Bud Caddell’s diagram as tools for the session. 
They were awesome – forced us to evaluate decisions, assess addressable market and made us think long and hard about the changes we want to make in this world. 

Beyond the new ideas that we’re excited to bring to life, the tools reaffirmed what we’ve always known - that we’re a team that’s passionate about doing the things we believe in.
If you’re thinking of coming on board to change the world, or if you have any ideas for what T.Jacket can be used for, drop us a call/email/visit. We want to hear from you!
T.Jacket Stories

Hear from Kaira Zhang

Ms Kaira Zhang who teaches at one of the universities in Singapore, is, in her own words, an intense sensory seeker. Hear what she has to say about the impact, comfort and appearance of T.Jacket!

On the T.Jacket:

Impact: Very Positive
Its “hug” was soothing and grounding – precisely what I had been looking for. (I was, also, naturally very much impressed with the concern James and the T.Jacket team showed for their clients’ needs). Not just that - I was frankly astonished to find that the T.Jacket hug also worked as a mood lifter – I’m not only calmer when I have it on, but I’m peppier and cheerier. That first afternoon – I didn’t want to take the T.Jacket off!

Comfort: Fine
Comfort-wise, the T.Jacket is quite well-designed. Even when fully inflated, arms and all are completely mobile and unrestricted. I’ve found that typical desk work, picking up stuff at the nearby store, hanging out with family at home and building stuff with Lego is entirely unimpeded. 

Appearance: Completely acceptable, though it's not Hollywood bling
I gave the fully inflated T.Jacket a trial in the office. Spoke to various colleagues, dropped by the administrative office with the jacket on. Not a single person I knew made any comments about my jackets; my colleagues are a nice, friendly, humorous lot who’d certainly passed a remark or two if the jacket looked bizarre. But no jokes about life vests or personal armour, not even a blink. 

Emboldened, I walked around campus with it on. Plenty of students milling around, yet no second glances, no surprised looks as I walked past. None whatsoever; I definitely did not appear to be wearing anything out of the ordinary.

We're delighted that T.Jacket has worked well as your constant companion, Kaira!

Read Kaira's full review here!

T.Jacket Website revamp

  • New e-shop!
  • 1-click access to T.Cloud
  • Support videos and FAQs

The best 2-item comfort-food sandwiches

How exactly did 5 months zoom by so quickly again? In the blink of an eye, a snap of the fingers, it seems like there’s no slowing time down.

For all the busy people reading this, we know that life makes us drag our feet sometimes and we’ve got to do things we absolutely dislike - which sometimes includes stopping whatever we’re doing to prepare a meal. For anyone from busy homemakers to busy students to busy working people, we have something just for you that's stress-free and fuss-free: how to make the best 2-ingredient sandwiches.

We found some great combinations here, and came up with a few favourites of our own as well. Since we're from the sunny island of Singapore, you may just see a few unusual things! ;)
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