House of Hope Newsletter March 2017
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Newsletter March 2017

In this month's issue:  

School and Honduras Updates

Women's lives being transformed in Honduras

You are impacting the lives of desperately hurting women in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Each month 30-40 women come to hear the good news of Christ. Many of them live in extreme poverty and are hungry when they come. We know their deepest hunger is for the Lord.  You are helping these women have hope for the future.


 Each month two women whose lives have been transformed by our program in Nicaragua, travel to Honduras for eight days. They walk the streets of the city and invite the women from the street corners and the brothels to come to the meeting where one of the women shares her testimony of how she has come out of prostitution and is living a new life in the Lord. 


We offer the women several vocational options to provide alternate income for them to feed their families. Two days a week the women bake bread and pastries to earn a small amount while they are learning.  They also make piñatas and jewelry to sell. Each month the Nicaraguan women teach a workshop to the Honduran women with new ideas and products. We are planning to open our sewing workshop in July.


Many of the women's lives are changing in San Pedro Sula. One of them is Lesli.


Lesli drank for many years and then became addicted to pot and crack cocaine for over 8 years. She was in prostitution to pay for her habit. Lesli has been coming to our program since the beginning. She loves the Lord and has begun to experience His transformational power in her life. "I thank God for being drug free," she says.


Lesli has 3 daughters. The youngest two, Damaris, 16, and Siloe,12, live with her in a rented room in Suncery, an extremely dangerous neighborhood near the downtown market of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. They pay over $100/month for rent and utilities. Siloe has graduated from elementary school and her favorite subject is math. She currently has a scholarship through the OB program. Damaris was not in school last year but has started back in February and is in the ninth grade. Lesli receives no help from her extended family and for the past year and a half has been raising her baby granddaughter.



Currently, Lesli bakes twice a week and makes jewelry our Women of Hope center.  She has also learned to make hair bows with us and sells them at her daughter's school. Being a part of Women of Hope is a big help to Lesli and her family.


Lesli says, "I want to be a survivor. I want to learn how to use a sewing machine and make curtains, bags, and clothes for my granddaughter. I want to make things to sell. I work for my daughters."


Dilcia and her daughters

You are making a difference in the lives of many women and girls in Honduras. I interviewed two precious sisters in San Pedro Sula.  The younger of the two, Aney,16, just gave birth to her first child. When I asked her what she lives on, she didn't understand the question as she only made it to the fifth grade. She and her family live near the market in an extremely dangerous, gang-infested area. She lives intermittently with the baby's father in his mother's house. He recently traveled to the US without a visa and was deported back to Honduras. Her dream in life is to become a seamstress.


The older sister, Sirley, is 18 and has a one year old daughter, who shows signs of malnourishment. Sirley also did not finish elementary school. She lives in a rented room with the father of her child, who works in a clothing store. 


The good news is that their mom, Dilcia, has been turning her life around over the past few years through your help. She is a regular participant in the baking program at Women of Hope.   She finally left her abusive alcoholic boyfriend of 18 years (who is the girls’ father) and is getting her feet on the ground.  She says, "I do not want my girls to end up in the dark places where I was."


The Women of Hope program greatly impacts these girls’ lives and the lives of their children in many ways. We help to provide income and help boost damaged self esteem. Our center provides them with a healthy, safe environment to learn and work away from the gangs, drugs and other lures of the world for these young girls.  They can be a positive influence on their younger siblings and their children.  Your one gift can be a gift to many.


The blessing of a uniform!

Receiving a uniform is a like receiving a tangible piece of hope. Without a uniform, children in Nicaragua cannot attend school. Without an education, many children become part of the cycle of generational poverty. House of Hope and it's generous donors are doing all they can to prevent that.  A BIG thank you to all our donors who make this possible! 

Please enjoy the pictures 
Please continue to pray for the women and children at House of Hope.  Our wonderful staff need prayer also as they take on more responsibility. With your assistance, lives are being transformed everyday. Thank you!

April Havlin


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