House of Hope Newsletter Feb 2011
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Newsletter: February 2011


We need full-time, long-term staff and are primarily looking for women but are open to happily married couples—filling key positions such as sponsorship and administrative tasks.

Another goal at House of Hope involves marketing, enabling us to sell the women’s products in order to pay the women the most we can.

Prayer for our current marketing directors—prayer for those coming on as marketing representatives 

We are changing schools here at House of Hope due to many factors, primarily security. The new school is a Christian school, and we are praying that it will be a safe, secure place for the girls where they will be supervised. Please pray for protection for our girls. 

Ongoing prayer request—Ability to pay the utilities bills. We pay $800 to $1000/month for the meager supply of electricity we have here at House of Hope. The water bill can be about $700-800 per month as well. There is a scarcity of water at certain times a year.

There is a group in North Carolina that is presently raising money, approximately $150.000, to build us a deep well. Please pray that God will provide the funds as well as  he workers for us to build a well here at House of Hope.

We are also in prayer for the long-term future of the women that live here.

Specifically, we are very affected by the women that leave, especially with their children. We take the wellbeing of our little girls very seriously at House of Hope.

Please pray that the  Lord will give us strategies for the adult women who are due to graduate from our  program and transition into society again. We would like to ensure safety– especially for their kids.

We have had a lot of attacks at House of Hope. Oscar’s liberty was attacked this past year as well as his son’s marriage. Please pray for God’s protection and prosperity within the staff families at House of Hope.

Please pray that we would have wisdom in how to refute false accusations against House of Hope.

Please pray for Oscar’s work. It is not easy for him when he enters into a brothel and sees these little girls being mistreated.

Prayer for provision for ongoing support and keeping our focus on what God has called us to do to help the women and the girls and not be distracted by the schemes of the enemy.

When unscrupulous family members take our girls from us (that we do not have custody of) we have no rights. We have been waiting for 7 years for the Nicaraguan government to recognize our organization. It requires an act of congress to pass the legislation. We have not been approved yet. We would like to be able to provide insurance and benefits to our workers.

Also we cannot move our finances without 501-c3 status to be tax-deductible.

Prayer for spiritual growth for the girls/women/staff.



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