House of Hope Newsletter December 2015
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Newsletter December 2015

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The importance of an education in Nicaragua 

Life with and without an education in Nicaragua

The streets of Managua, Nicaragua are full of young children who do not attend school. With one glance it is not hard to see that their little lives are full of pain and suffering. Some children are so small they can not reach the windshields of the car they are being forced to clean for money. Outside the brothels, little girls run and play in the streets not knowing that they too will soon join their mothers in their place of work.

The lives of many children in Nicaragua are very hard. House of Hope is changing that. Residents at House of Hope as well as participants in the Tuesday morning program, can receive educational help from House of Hope. Whether it is a scholarship or a uniform the outcome is the same. These children are given hope in a world that seems hopeless. With an education they are no longer held captive by the cycle of poverty that has trapped their previous generations.

Life without an education in Nicaragua

Hayling is a shy but sweet 15 year old mother of a beautiful little 2 year old girl. She attended school at a young age but didn’t want to continue, something she now regrets very much. Chances are that if Hayling would have wanted to go to school, she would not have been able to continue eventually due to her terrible family situation. Because of help from House of Hope, Hayling finally has a real opportunity to attend school and this year has passed the 3rd grade. She explained how for the first time she has many friends and feels hopeful about her and her daughters future. 


Her mother, Aura, has 9 children. Aura says when she would try to send her sons to school, their father would pull them out and send them to work to support the family. Hayling and Aura both explained how many people in their family attended school and have good jobs. They see how dramatically different their lives are from their family and are jealous of the lives they have. Aura is positive that with an education she would not have gotten involved with prostitution, something which would have substantially changed the outcome for her and her children.  Now, Aura is receiving an education by private tutors hired by House of Hope. Aura can finally write her own name, which is a great accomplishment! She is so proud of her two daughters who are currently in school and praises God that He has blessed her and her children with the ability to learn. 


Both women have very sad stories full of abuse, neglect, rape, and countless disappointments. With a simple education, those things may have been avoided. Their lives didn’t have to be so hard. 

Life with an education in Nicaragua

Kelly Velasquez is bright young lady with a beaming smile. Since 2nd grade and including her 1st year of college, she has been given scholarships through House of Hope to continue her education. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity she has been given and looks forward to becoming a journalist.  She is very proud of the fact that when people look at her they will never know she was a product of prostitution and that she brings her mother a lot of pride. Kelly explained that when a person is born in Nicaragua they have great value in the eyes of God but in the eyes of society, they are nothing without an education. Without her education, Kelly says she would most likely have been a rebellious girl, out roaming the streets of Managua. 


Gabriella Velasquez, the older sister of Kelly, is a beautiful girl with a big heart. Because of her education that was provided through House of Hope, she is now in her second year of college studying medicine. She wants to be an ethical doctor who provides honorable service to those in need who can not afford proper care. She wants to be able to provide people with the respect and care they deserve. She wishes she could explain to the parents and children in Nicaragua just how important school is. She says all children who are given the opportunity to go should continue to do so in order to show their family and others the benefits and to be an example. 


Both girls are so grateful and realize what a great blessing it is to have received an education. They are full of excitement and hope about what the future holds for them. Their lives are complete opposites of Hayling and Aura. The gift of education is truly the most powerful and life changing gift a person can receive.

Would you please join us in praying for the upcoming school year and the needed funds? God is capable of bringing us every penny we need. We believe all things are possible though Him.

If you would like to take part in changing the lives of children in Nicaragua, please consider giving toward our educational needs. In 2015 we purchased 1,2015 uniforms! We would love to do the same in January of 2016 but unfortunately we are very low on our funds to do so. Click the link below to go straight to our giving page. Once there, click on the donate button under the "Uniform" or "School Champion" description.


Click to donate!

Please continue to pray for the women and children at House of Hope.  Our wonderful staff need prayer also as they take on more responsibility. With your assistance, lives are being transformed everyday. Thank you!

April Havlin


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