Saludos from Nicaragua!! We want to thank each and every one for their prayers and financial support. Together we are in a partnership to carry out the Great Commission and your participation is invaluable.

Nicaragua has been experiencing all kinds of activity - powerful earthquakes and smoking volcanic eruptions. Even though we're in hurricane season, we haven't had any hurricanes to deal with yet. Politically and economically the country continues to reel from severe instability and yet despite all these situations, the Lord still has His hands on this country.
There has been so much happening at House of Hope! There are now almost 500 women who come to the Tuesday morning program and 100 people living at HOH. Here is one of their stories.

Meet Modesta....
Modesta, 37 years old, and her two daughters, Marciel (19) and Betty (15) and a third daughter who is not at House of Hope, were prostitutes in a bar at a local market in Managua. Many men frequented until the early hours of the morning. Oscar, the on-site director of House of Hope, was out in the brothels doing evangelism one day when he met Modesta’s daughter Marciel. He started talking to her about the hope in their life through Jesus Christ. Modesta overheard the conversation and became instantly interested in leaving the brothel and bringing her family to the House of Hope. Unfortunately, a huge roadblock lay in front of them. Their family was in debt to the owner of the brothel who was threatening to bring Modesta’s 13-year-old daughter Ana into the brothel and rape her and force her into prostitution if he was not paid. Oscar made an on-the-spot decision to pay off their debt and rescue the women. They made sure to leave the brothel tactfully, one by one with 30 minute spacing to not make it look like Oscar was paying for their services. Modesta had been in prostitution for four years.
Modesta’s responsibilities are important: to grow spiritually in the Lord, thoughtfully raise her 5 younger children, take care of her home, and tend to her shared chores at House of Hope. On Thursdays, Modesta attends a class a House of Hope that April teaches that helps women recover from sexual abuse. She is avidly pursing the gospel and is so thankful to House of Hope and the Lord who rescued her family from prostitution.

Brittany, the dorm mom, arrived a couple weeks ago and the girls are very excited to have a dorm mom full time. Some of the prayer requests that we have are:
- Purchase of land for graduating residents - Upcoming TV segment
- Oscar's trial in October
- Growth in the hearts of the women and the girls
- School funding
- Staff
- Marketing in the States - That God would continue to be glorified- That God would provide a bus to take the children to school each day. 56 students ride in the back of the truck to and from school and with the roads in bad shape the truck is breaking down a lot and tires are going flat almost daily.

We are deeply grateful for those who have been sacrificially faithful in their generous support. We are asking you to pray that God will grant us more faithful supporters. We're going on 13 years of living and ministering here in Nicaragua and we cannot do that without your prayers and financial help. God has been faithful and we do not doubt His faithfulness.
Again, we sincerely thank you for your active participation with us in reaching the country of Nicaragua.
May the Lord bless you and yours!!
In His service,

-Mike and April Havlin

For monthly support or one time gifts, please send your tax deductible contributions to Harvest Church, 2020 West 15th Street, Washington, N.C. 27889. Please memo funds for either the Havlins (personal support), or to House of Hope

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