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Here are some updates on previous prayer requests and new prayer requests.

First, I would like to give you an update the prayer requests that you already have.

Regarding staff, we continue to need full-time long-term staff. Specifically, it will be great to pray for Brittany. She will be returning in August as a dorm mom. She is currently trying to raise her monthly support. It has not been easy for her, as she is also working full-time job, so please pray that she is able to raise her support. Ashley is arriving in June for a six-month internship. She is a trained counselor and is open to the possibility of staying longer. Once she learns Spanish, she will be a great asset to the women and girls.  Please pray for her transition into Nicaragua living. There are several other people who are in various stages of the application process. This is also the time of year that we screen and select our summer interns. Please pray for wisdom, as there are always a lot more applicants than we can accept.

A big priority for us is prayer for the spiritual growth of our women and girls.

In terms of marketing, please pray for our marketing people. Of course Carolyn Moen and Elmbrook  in Wisconsin are leading the pack. We also have Kelsey in Virginia and Jayme in North Carolina. This month Marcie from Florida is coming for training and will get on board. We have a few other people who have written with interest to join our marketing team.

I am happy to report that the new school is a great success. It is harder and the girls have lots more homework, but that is good for them. They're getting a much better education. The primary reason that this school works better for us is that they have high security. No one from the neighborhood can have contact with our girls while they're at school.

Recently we have had some work done to our electric transformer and meter and we are hoping that that might help some with the exorbitant light bills. We are praying that the next bill that arrives will be for less.

We'd like to ask prayer for our board meeting the end of April. We will be discussing at length the process by which women living a House of Hope will graduate out of our program and transition back into society. We have never had anyone do this, so it is paramount that we set the right precedent with the women graduating this year.
We are excited about the possibility of having our own well. Recently a group has come forward out of Chicago, that will be able to come down and assess our situation and give us a better idea about how much money is needed and what steps need to take place to move forward. Continue to pray for the group in North Carolina that is raising  funds for this project. They are a small church in a town of 200 and most of them, including the pastor, lost most or all of their homes in a hurricane last September.

Please continue to pray for our tax-deductible status. Pray for our new United States board which will have its first meeting via teleconferencing a in May. Forming this board is a step towards getting the tax status we need.

Continue to pray for our staff and their families . Yahaira, one staff member, was recently forced out of her home and  resettled by the government. Norman, our maintenance and construction staff, is asking prayer for his wife as her baby is due in May and the umbilical cord was wrapped twice around the baby's neck. Pray for all of the staff and their families.

Especially pray for Oscars safety as he continues to rescue little girls. Two girls were rescued this month, but they are not  at House of Hope. They were getting up in the middle of the night and cutting the other girls school uniforms into small pieces. We think they thought if we kicked them out they would be free to roam the streets, but now they're living in a different girls home with much higher security.

New prayer requests:

Please pray for Alma. She has returned to us, at age 13, back out of prostitution. This time her family members have signed permission for us to have her. We are believing that she will get to stay a long time. This precious child at one point in her life was kept chained up for seven months, before she came to us the first time. She is very wounded and needs a lot of love. Her homemade belly button piercing is infected.

Please pray for my upcoming trip (May16-June5th) to North Florida for fundraising.

Pray for new group that we have formed at House of Hope of the leaders among the women. They are the table heads in the production line and the cell group leaders. They are called the Warriors. We meet once a month for teaching on spiritual warfare and intercessory prayer for the ministry. The women take turns doing the teaching on Scriptures that we assign. It is great to see them taking ownership and standing in the gap. Oscar and  Vilma and I give our prayer requests, and women pray over them.

We would like to ask prayer for the House of Hope documentaries being edited. In Chains, was filmed in October and November and is a general documentary about prostitution in Nicaragua and the Lord using House of Hope as a way out. Hit man to Hero, is a feature-length film about Oscars life and how God can change a person for good and the good of others.  We are praying for the editing process and that the Lord would give great wisdom to those doing the work. Some of the items in the films are very sensitive in nature and need to be handled delicately. We’re very excited about both of these films as they have great potential to help House of Hope.

Thank you so much for your interest in our prayer needs. We appreciate the prayer .
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