House of Hope Newsletter October 2016
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Newsletter October 2016

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Stories of hope and 
an exciting opportunity for business owners!

An Exciting Opportunity for Business Owners! 

Attention business owners! Your business can make a difference in the lives of women at House of Hope. Do you send your customers Christmas cards? Please consider sending a unique handmade Christmas card this year. The prices start at 40 cards for $10 and will be cost effective for larger quantities. We also have a large variety of ceramic, metallic, and fabric Christmas ornaments that make great small gifts.

Your purchase of cards and ornaments will go directly to help the women and provide the funds necessary to help them stay out of prostitution. You may think Christmas cards are just a simple, kind, holiday gesture, but for women at House of Hope, they provide hope for a better and bright future. 

Stories of Hope!

It's great to read successful stories from House of Hope but now you have the opportunity to watch one! This Tuesday morning participant's life has been dramatically changed thanks to your commitment to House of Hope! Thanks to our awesome volunteer who made this video possible! Click the image below to watch! 


Priseida is currently living at House of Hope with her 2 of her 3 sons. She was born in Granada, Nicaragua, into a family of addicts and prostitutes. Without parental support, she began skipping school, and when she was 8 years old, the family ran away from the abusive father, living on the streets of Managua. At 14, she didn’t know what love looked like, and began searching in all the wrong places.

She started selling herself on the streets and found a good man who she fell in love with, but when he died, she started a downhill journey. She said, “I was like a blind person walking around. I couldn’t read. I didn’t know how to do anything.” She was worried that, because her parents never taught her anything, she would not be able to teach anything to her own children. She was an alcoholic and tried to kill herself multiple times, begging God to forgive her. She felt dirty.

One day, a medical team came to the brothel she was working at and told her about House of Hope. God opened the door for her and is so grateful to be at House of Hope. She is currently learning how to read with help from her 11-year-old son, so that she can read the Bible.

Her heart is filled with peace and she feels God with her at all times, filling the emptiness that she has been fighting her whole life. She is grateful to be a part of such a beautiful community. In her first 5 weeks at House of Hope, she has already learned so much, she can’t wait to see what God has in store for her.

Esther - 66

Esther had a rough upbringing with an abusive, alcoholic father. She grew up trying her best to protect her mother and her younger siblings, but they needed food and she felt helpless. During her teenage years, life became worse and she still has the scars from being whipped and beaten with a stick. Although she made it through to the 8th grade, school would not be the path that Esther chose.

She met an older woman who promised her work and a glamorous lifestyle. The woman took advantage of her innocence and her need to provide for her family and soon Esther fell into a new lifestyle of drinking and working in an escort service.

When Esther was 19 years old, she joined a brothel where she made a lot of money and used it to buy the best for her 5 children. At this point, she was sick of her life and began drinking heavily. She remained an alcoholic as her kids grew up and she didn’t know how to stop. Devastated to see their mother in such a position, her children would cry and pray for her consistently. She didn’t know what to do but knew she couldn’t go on living like this. Things became so bad that she had even contemplated suicide.  

Her destructive behavior continued until God sent her a woman who invited her to House of Hope. On June 21, she arrived at the end of the road to House of Hope with two bags and eyes full of tears. She accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior, vowing to never return to prostitution. Esther gave up alcohol and loves going to the Tuesday worship service where she can sing and praise and study God’s Word. She feels blessed to be a part of the House of Hope community, following the path that God has opened up for her.

You are making a difference in the lives of these new residents at House of Hope Nicaragua. They and their children's lives are vastly different because of your support but the transformation has only begun. Both Esther and Priseida as well as Prisedia's sons still need sponsors. For just $35 dollars a month you can sponsor either woman. If you are interested or would like to know more, please click the link to go to our giving page.

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Thank you!!!

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Please continue to pray for the women and children at House of Hope.  Our wonderful staff need prayer also as they take on more responsibility. With your assistance, lives are being transformed everyday. Thank you!

April Havlin


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