May 2012 Newsletter

Greetings from the hot tropical climate of Nicaragua. Your partnership with us in reaching this country with the gospel is invaluable and we appreciate so very much your prayers and support. We pray that your investment into God's kingdom purposes will be returned back to you many times over.

Last Saturday, Oscar’s wife, Vilma, had an emergency surgery to remove a benign tumor on her neck that was pressing up against her nerves and her blood vessels. I happened to be out of town that weekend and was unable to provide financial backup. In order for them to qualify financially for the surgery, they put their house up as collateral. Vilma is now home from the hospital and recuperating, but that was a tremendous financial hardship on their family. All together, the medical bills came to $2,500. If anyone would like to help for this unexpected expense for this faithful couple, it would be greatly appreciated. 


House of Hope is constantly growing. On the Tuesday morning program, almost 500 women come to both hear God's word and worship and then launch into different areas of organized production of everything from cards to jewelry. Just trying to manage this large group of very needy women into a cohesive work group is a challenge all by itself.

There are 60 people living at House of Hope which requires all the resources and attention available. We have a number of minor aged girls that have been rescued out of terrible circumstances including local brothels. House of Hope's national director, Oscar Cuarezma, along with local law enforcement officials, conduct dangerous raids on brothels to get these girls and bring them to House of Hope. They often are traumatized and need much care. House of Hope provides psychological care, educational development, spiritual help, medical needs, etc.

Also, there are a number of adult women coming out of prostitution that have come to live at House of Hope. They have children and they have many, many needs. One of the main requirements for an adult woman to live at House of Hope is one of attitude and a desire to truly seek to become discipled in the ways of following Christ. Prayer, Bible studies, church activities are all part of this program. Here are a few examples of the lives being touched by the ministry at House of Hope:
Meet Lydia…

Lydia was found on the highway, pregnant, and working alone as a prostitute. After three years of prostituting herself to support her 5 kids, Lydia wanted to change her life so she could live freely with her children. On the streets, it was challenging to dress and feed her kids. When she was given the opportunity to live at House of Hope and leave her past lifestyle, she packed up and moved her kids with her. Jesus began to change her life and her heart as she committed her way to Him.

She has been living at the House of Hope with her children for 4 months. Each day, she washes their clothing, she cooks, and she seeks the Lord. Lydia enjoys reading the Bible, playing with her children, and being a mom. House of Hope is a calmer, safer place than her past home, and she is thankful for this opportunity. For Lydia, it is a space to know the Word of God. In her past life, she suffered a lot knowing that her kids were watching her drink and act contrary to God’s promises for her. Now, Lydia feels supported, prayed over, and cared for in her pregnancy. Her older sister, Margarita, also lives at House of Hope with her family. Lydia asks for your prayers, that her kids will have opportunities in their future so they will never have to live like she did. She has been given a second chance at life, and she desires to live righteously before the Lord the rest of her days! Lastly, she asks for your prayers for her baby due in May.
Meet Mireya…
Mireya Abel lives with her children and grandchildren. She has been at House of Hope for 2 years. She works in bead making in the House of Hope program and attends a weekly Bible study. Before she received her micro grant in January 2012, Mireya washed and ironed clothes. Now she is able to have a business selling clothing.
Micro Industry Grants
House of Hope is grateful for the generous donors who make possible the Micro Industry Grant program for the nonresident ladies and the Sponsorship program for our resident women and children. Below are a few of the many lives that are changed through these programs.
Meet Cheyla…
In February 2012, Cheyla Cruz has been attending House of Hope for 3 years. She lives with her mother and her daughter who is 11 years old. She had been working scrubbing clothes. She has been free from prostitution for six years now. With the help of her grant money, she sells towels, underwear and flip-flops.
Meet Angelica…
Angelica Hernandez has been coming to House of Hope for 2 years. She lives with her 3 children. With the help of her new micro-grant in November 2011, she now sells underwear and socks.
Meet Maria…
Maria Nicolia has been at House of Hope for 2 years. She lives with her father and her 2 kids. Before she received her micro grant she served as a domestic helper for a family in their home. Now Maria makes and sells fruit-juices and sells snacks. She received her micro grant in February 2012.
-Mike and April Havlin

For monthly support or one time gifts, please send your tax deductible contributions to Harvest Church, 2020 West 15th Street, Washington, N.C. 27889. Please memo funds for either the Havlins (personal support), or to House of Hope

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