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VIDEO: Great Envelope-Opening Tactics of Today

To get your direct mail envelopes opened, rely on tactics both new and old, drawn from today’s mail. Join Who’s Mailing What!’s Paul Bobnak as he looks at examples of both fresh from today’s mail....

Are these major brand logos ripped from the same 1980s design book?

A number of globally recognisable technology brand logos have been matched up with letter-based logos found in a 1989 design book.

Spencer Chen, vice president of marketing and business development for Alibaba, exposed the similarities between the logos of Medium, AirBnB, Flipboard and Beats and images printed in the 1989 book Trademarks and Symbols of the World: The Alphabet in Design.....

Eggsellent packaging

Eggs are one of nature’s best examples of effective packaging, and a UK company has come up with a cracking means of processing its wasted eggshells into raw material suitable for use in packaging materials.

When we think of the circular economy, hard-boiled eggs aren’t necessarily what comes to mind. But they can make an important contribution, particularly when it comes to packaging. Eggs are one of nature’s best examples of effective packaging. Manufactured packaging, mostly using paper and plastics, shares....

VIDEO: ‘Direct Mail: The Ultimate Sales Team

The direct mail package is a sales team with each component having a different purpose and a different voice. In another “Lessons from the Greats,” Malcolm Decker’s explanation of the purpose for each element and the voice it brings to the sales team is classic.....


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