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June, 2017

10 design tools for marketing professionals

If you want a professional design for your marketing campaign, then you need to hire a professional designer. But sometimes you just need something quick to show a client or colleagues: a mockup or a rough prototype as proof of concept, or to spark discussion and further ideas. Or maybe you just want to create a quick and fun image, or digital flyer, to share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

In cases like this, it’s not always necessary to have years of experience of using Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign to create world-class design work. There are a number of tools out there that non-designers can use to knock up something pretty decent, without needing years of skills training....

Fake bill scams show email’s insecurity

Scam emails masquerading as legitimate bills highlight the need for paper invoices, advocates say, as fake Origin Energy invoices target thousands of Australians with malicious software.

Origin has warned customers about the latest phishing attack, which began to hit Australian inboxes on Wednesday morning according to cyber-security firm....

Pollie backs calls for no paper penalties

Incredible Graphic Design Process for a Poster


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