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The ball has been kicked down the field. Again.

Christopher Sands
Head of Communications, BirdLife Europe

The digital world deprives us of the romantic notion of “Stop the Presses” when news breaks. Indeed the bits and bytes which move invisibly around the ether nonstop do so in a world where time seems to stand still. This lack of physical, dynamic and visible movement perfectly characterises the EU Commission’s current posture on the Fitness Check of the Nature Directives.

Despite the overwhelming consensus of European citizens, parliamentarians, and Member States’ environment ministers, things are seemingly stalled. In a classic delaying tactic, the ball has been kicked down the field. Again. After two years of review.

Despite this democratic outpouring of public, expert
and political support, the Juncker Commission risks justifying the worst clichés about the EU and Brussels being removed from citizens’ lives with a non-transparent, non-representative-smoke-filled-room agenda of its own.

In just a few weeks, the Dutch Presidency of the EU will lead a high level environmental conference which was meant to be the kick-off to the desperately needed and wished-for improved implementation of the incontrovertibly effective Nature Directives. An inexplicable refusal by the Commission to publish the fitness check findings and take a decision based on them prior to the Amsterdam Conference will add grist to the mill of EU detractors.

Many citizens believe the EU is needed to ensure nature conservation and build a healthy, sustainable, shared space for us all. Burying the overwhelmingly fit-for-purpose verdict on the Nature Directives is just fodder for those who would cast aspersions on the future of the EU.
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22-26 August, 2016: Freising-Germany Society for Ecological Restoration's 10th European Conference on Ecological Restoration, Technische Universität München, Campus Freising-Weihenstephan.

5-10 September, 2016: 20th International Conference of the European Bird Census Council 'Birds in a changing world', University of Halle (Saale), Germany. The deadline for submitting an abstract for talks, speed talks and posters is 30 March, 2016.

1-10 September, 2016: IUCN World Conservation Congress, Hawaii, USA. The Congress is now accepting applications for booths.

19-23 September, 2016: 6th International Albatross and Petrel Conference, Barcelona, Spain. Registrations open.

Head of Section - International Policy (RSPB): The International Policy Department is looking for a self-motivated, organised, competent and creative individual to join the team as Section Head of a small policy team comprising staff working on a range of policy issues including: UKOTs, forestry and sustainability standards and species, implementation of the MEAs and drivers of land use change affecting migratory birds. 
Closing date: 30 June 2016.

Digital Communications Officer: We are looking for a dynamic and digital savvy Communications Officer with commitment and intellectual capacity to grasp and respond to the variety of strategic communications goals and challenges of BirdLife International. 
Closing date: 28 June 2016.
Africa Vulture Programme Intern: BirdLife International is looking for an intern to provide support to the BirdLife Africa Partnership Secretariat in the development and implementation of strategies, projects and activities for conservation of vultures in Africa.
Closing date: 11 June 2016.
Global Science Co-ordinator for Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas: We are looking for someone to coordinate BirdLife’s global science work on Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) and Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs). The jobholder will be responsible for ensuring BirdLife’s work on IBAs and our contribution to the emerging KBA Programme are scientifically robust, and that the BirdLife Partnership is fully supported in the science elements. 
Closing date: 8 June 2016.
Head of Information Management: We are looking for an exceptional individual to maximise the value of the BirdLife Partnership’s science and conservation information assets to the organisation’s strategic outcomes, through the strategic planning, coordination, development, enhancement and maintenance of data management systems and tools. 
Closing date: 8 June 2016.
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