There’s a rule in magick that warns against sharing the fact that you are doing a spell until the intended outcome has materialized.

This is a useful bit of advice, because other people’s nay-saying can create doubt in your own mind, and doubt is a magick killer.

But there’s something else that I rarely see discussed in witchy circles, and that is this...

Even after your intention has manifested there will be those who will go to great lengths to stop it.

Keep in mind that magick is creating change in conformity with your will and change is confrontational to the status quo.

If, as I've been talking about all month long, you do decide to make some changes to the subconscious programs you’ve been carrying with you since childhood, your life will change dramatically.

This is when certain folks, most often the people closest to you, may feel threatened and attempt to undermine the progress you’ve made.

They will make snide little comments about how they liked the old you better, how phony you’ve become or how you think you’re better than everyone else now. Or- they might try like hell to tempt you into old behaviors you used to engage in together.  

This is not because they’re jerks. They are simply human and quite afraid that you’re moving on without them.

The thing is- you may very well be.

If the behaviors you used to engage in together were to your detriment, the new programs you have consciously put in place will naturally begin to attract relationships that are a better match to your new way of life.

You don’t need to cut anyone off to make this happen. You can simply let nature run it’s course and gradually release any relationships you’ve outgrown with kindness & compassion.

And then there are some relationships that you would like to sustain or- better yet- grow along with you. Again, kindness & compassion can go such a long way as you move forward.

Keep in mind, too, that kindness & compassion must also extend to yourself.

If someone you love and have every intention of keeping in your life keeps putting you down or trying to seduce you back into old behaviors, remember that it is your job to teach people how to treat you.

If they’re treating you poorly, say so.

If they continue to treat you poorly, get some space between you and focus on spending time with people who treat you with love & respect.

The absolute best thing you can do to teach people how to treat you is to lead by example. People will generally treat you the way you treat yourself.

And acting as the sovereign of your own beautiful life by deliberating choosing the software that's driving your subconscious mind is a fantastic place to begin…

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HAPPY SPRiNG!!! (& HAPPY FALL to my southern-hem friends). Until we meet again...

Joanna DeVoe

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