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Escape the city lights and let the galaxy illuminate your night. Just a few miles from Grand Junction, you can view shooting stars with your main squeeze and wish your worries away.

Even though snuggling with your partner while gazing up at the constellations might leave you dreamy, our wish for you is to take a gals or guys trip with your BFFs - cause we all know distance makes the heart grow fonder. Check out these fun and active getaways and start planning now! And we give you permission to steal ideas from one another's itineraries.
Wish Upon a Star!
We know ladies, we always talk about a gals trip but rarely find the time. Well, now is the time! Overpack those suitcases and get on the road with your squad. There's nothing like quality time with your besties, staying up late in your favorite pj's, and bonding. We've made it easy for you with this fun itinerary, so check it out.
Gals Getaway in Grand Junction!
The NBA finals are now over, congrats Bucks! Football is still over a month away, with hockey following shortly thereafter. So, there's no better time to exit your man cave and get out and explore with your buds. Grab your pack and leave the planning to us!
Grand Junction Guys Trip!

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