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We are not trying to be dramatic, but there are many experiences in Grand Junction that you can't see or do anywhere else in the universe. Let's begin with the Grand Mesa, the largest flat-top mountain in the world! What makes it even more majestic, is there are 300 pristine alpine lakes on top! There isn't a better time to visit and soak up some beams from the biggest star in the solar system whether you swim, fish, stand up paddleboard, canoe, raft, or dip your toes in the water. One last bonus - it's cooler up there! Temperatures are usually twenty degrees cooler than the valley below. The hottest it has ever been on top is only 80 degrees.
Explore the World's Largest Flat Top Mountain!
The long-awaited Palisade Plunge is OPEN! Phase one, the lower half of the trail is open, with the top half scheduled to be completed by the end of July. The 32-mile downhill single-track drops 6,000 feet and connects the Grand Mesa to the valley floor. It's an expert ride, so if you are an intermediate mountain biker, be prepared to get off your bike in the technical areas, walk, and take in the spectacular views.
Adrenaline Pumping Single Track!
Grand Junction's historic downtown is a designated park and pedestrian-friendly zone with over 115 sculptures and murals framing the wide sidewalks. Buy a piece of art, create a custom-scented candle, make a Pinterest-inspired DIY craft, or relax while you sip wine and paint a masterpiece.
Immerse Yourself in Grand Junction Art!

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