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Volume 1, Issue 9
April 2016

Editor’s Comment

It’s been an exciting month for Free Range Dairy Network. We’ve been in the papers, on the radio and TV on prestigious Countryfile. We’re gathering more supporters and raising awareness of Free Range Dairy and the Pasture Promise label all the time.  We’re even starting to get imitators but don’t be fooled because unless it has the Pasture Promise logo on it then there’s no guarantee cows have had the freedom to graze for 6 months and the farmers are paid a fair price for their Free Range milk.

Next on the agenda for Free Range Dairy Network is our fringe slot at the Food Connections Festival. From the 29th April, Bristol becomes foodie heaven for 10 days with lots to see, lots to learn about food as well as lots of food to try. We’ll have teas and coffees made with Free Range milk as well as milkshakes, there might even be a Pasture Promise milkshake.

We are still running our fund raising page to capture turnout on film on a Free Range Dairy system. We want to clearly demonstrate how we run our farms and for people to be able to see happy cows in fields. Plus demonstrate why a 6 months minimum grazing standard is necessary as anything less than 6 months means you can ‘fudge’ it. You can run an intensive system and say your cows graze, it’s just not the cows producing the milk. The twitter storm after Countryfile showed people are angry at being hoodwinked by supermarkets. We want people to be confident in the knowledge that the pictures of cows grazing on milk labels are the same cows providing you with your Free Range milk, the Pasture Promise label guarantees that.

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Best wishes,

Carol Lever
Free Range Dairy Network CIC


In this Issue

1. Countryfile – Not all milk is the same

2. Free Range Dairy Network at Bristol food Connections


Countryfile – Not all milk is the same

Countryfile was a real eye opener for many people when they saw the difference between a large intensive dairy farm with a robotic milking parlour and the type of Free Range Dairy grazing system we promote. It caused a twitter storm with people angry they're unwittingly buying milk from intensive farms when they pick up milk from the supermarket. If you want to see Pasture Promise milk in your supermarkets, please print this letter and hand it into your local store.

Here are a few examples of the many tweets after the programme:

The Countryfile programme is on BBC iplayer for another two weeks, if you haven’t seen it then please take a look, it is worth it and shows where the industry is heading unless initiatives like Free Range Dairy Network are there to offer an alternative.

Supermarkets say they’ll stock what consumers want but we’ve written to supermarkets in the wake of the programme and so far we’ve only had one reply. That was from Waitrose asking to see our standards. It’s interesting that they have suddenly brought out TV ads showing a ‘typical’ dairy farm.  They say they have access to grazing for 100 days for their cows but that really isn’t enough. In the South West cows could graze for double that and the reason we’ve set our bar at 180 days and nights is to make sure that dairy farmers in the North of the country that might not get the same weather as the South can work with us.


Free Range Dairy Network at Bristol food Connections

Food Connections is a unique citywide food festival that aims to bring people and good food together. Throughout the ten days, the city will be transformed into one huge celebration of good food, with events designed by the people who grow, farm, cook and sell food.

On opening day Free Range Dairy will premiere our film of the cows spring turn out filmed at Barnhouse Farm alongside a presentation on the work we’re doing to help farmers in the dairy crisis.

You’ll be able to try Pasture Promise milk in a range of coffees, teas and we’ll be making milkshakes as well. You might even get a Pasture Promise milkshake made with matcha green tea.

Anyone interested in coming to our fringe event you can find the information here and we will also be looking to show the film and give a talk in London and other places. If you would like to organise an event and want us to give a talk and show the film, let me know at
If you have any stories to contribute then please contact Free Range Dairy at
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