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Volume 2, Issue 1
August 2016

Editor’s Comment

August can be a funny month with people away on holiday or trying not to think about work. We thought we might struggle with attendees for our open farm event in Yorkshire last week but we needn’t have worried as on the day we got over fifty people. That makes it four successful farm days this summer so far, with a couple more to go before it’s the end of our summer events schedule. It’s seems its not just me that loves the opportunity to be down on the farm, seeing the cows looking happy and content, talking about Free Range Dairy Network.

We also have two new businesses on board with Jones Bros Dairy in London delivering Pasture Promise free range milk across London as well as Dales Dairy doing their own line of Pasture Promise free range milk across Yorkshire. This means we can deliver Pasture Promise free range milk in London and the South West as well as Yorkshire, Cumbria and Lancashire.  We will keep working hard until we have lots more farmers meeting the Free Range Dairy Standards especially the #180days to deliver milk to people that care about animal welfare and supporting our farmers.

We also have good news, Cotteswold Dairy won Gold at the Great Taste Awards for Pasture Promise free range milk as well as Jenni Hobbs, one of our Free Range Dairy farmers making the finals of Taste of Gloucestershire Food and Farming Awards 2016.

Best Wishes,

Carol Lever
Free Range Dairy Network CIC

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In this Issue

1. Yorkshire Event

2. Jones Bros Dairy and Dales Dairy

3. Great Taste Awards

4. Antibiotic use in Cattle

Yorkshire Event

Free Range Dairy | Yorkshire EventOur latest event this time was at Low Spring farm in Yorkshire with World Animal Protection and Sustainable Restaurant Association. We got a great turn out from local businesses and national companies alike. What was really fantastic was the number of independent milkmen at the event. The consolidation of processing via two major processors and most milk sales going via the major supermarkets means how we buy our milk is concentrated into the hands of a small pool of decision makers. Selling milk as a loss leader, which is what supermarkets do to attract shoppers into their stores, has seen milk vastly undervalued and under-priced.

Milkmen are finding Pasture Promise free range milk a great way to engage with customers that want to support their local farmers and keep cows in fields.  It’s also another way to buy milk that isn’t from the major supermarkets and is a way for people to say I want to pay a fair price for my milk and put value back into their daily pinta. I think this is an exciting development for Free Range Dairy Network and we will bring you more information on this soon.

It was also great to have universities there as well. Many students want to support sustainably sourced milk and dairy products but organic can be too pricey for students. We hope Pasture Promise free range milk is a good middle ground for them. A way to engage with a low impact farming practices that is high on animal welfare and fights for local farmers but is still affordable for students. You can read more about the event here.


Jones Bros and Dales Dairy

Free Range Dairy | Jons Bros and Dales DairyJones Bros started off as a small independent fresh milk delivery service in London way back in 1877. Originally, the Joneses were dairy farmers who saw the opportunity to drive their cattle from Wales to supply fresh milk in London. London has changed a lot since they first started but their business is going from strength to strength based on great products and customer service. They’re now selling Pasture Promise free range milk into London, still preserving the roots of their dairy business of milk from family farms and cows in fields.

Dales Dairy have been processing Pasture Promise free range milk for Stephenson’s Dairy and are now selling their own free range milk under the Pasture Promise label. Yorkshire like many places across the UK is gaining a reputation for Great British food sourced locally and we’re pleased to be able to offer local Pasture Promise free range milk to our Yorkshire supporters.


Great Taste Awards

Free Range Dairy | Great Taste AwardGreat Taste, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, is the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink. It has been described as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world with only 35% of entries accredited.

It’s a great award and win for Cotteswold Dairy and Pasture Promise free range milk. Winning is important because it differentiates products and as the customer you have a guarantee that the products you buy have a reliable seal of approval based upon great taste and not marketing.

Antibiotics Use in Cattle

All cattle farmers are being asked to help compile an accurate assessment of antibiotic use within their herds in a major national survey. There is mounting evidence that overuse of antibiotics in high intensive animal farm production is compromising the health of humans and this survey is well overdue. This is something we at Free Range Dairy Network care very much about and we have done our own survey with our members. We are glad to report that our members are already looking at reduction in antibiotic use. We are advocating a simple, low input system, reducing the pressure on cows and the need for antibiotic use.

Carried out by the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers and the University of Bristol, the survey was launched in response to the O'Neill Review.

"The O’Neill Review on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) concluded that both a local and global focus across animal and human medicine is required if we are to win the battle to maintain the efficacy of antibiotics," explains RABDF Chairman Mike King.

The completed surveys, which will be kept totally anonymous, will be made available to the University of Bristol research and reproduced in research articles.
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