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Monthly News June 2012

Welcome to the June newsletter from Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy.

Practice News

It has been a busy couple of months here at Performance Podiatry and Physiotherapy. Due to staff taking holidays and attending conferences you may have noticed that getting an appointment with your preferred practitioner has been a little difficult of late.

Kent has just come back from speaking at two conferences. He spoke at the Victorian state podiatry conference which was held in the country town of Creswick. In Creswick, he gave two podium presentations: one entitled “Treating Achilles Tendinopathy in 2012”, the other entitled “Adult Acquired Flat Foot – Moving Beyond the Foot”. He also gave two hands on workshops for advanced orthotic prescriptions. Kent also travelled to the Olympic Stadium at Homebush for the New South Wales state Podiatry conference, where he again presented his lecture on Achilles tendinopathy. Ben Sweeting has settled back into his normal clinic hours after taking some time off for the birth of his second child – William.  


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Pilates Classes Now On!

Physiotherapy Pilates Certified instructor now running more frequent pilates sessions during the week as well as Saturday mornings.

To reserve your place, booking is essential! Simply call
reception on (07) 3846 4800.

Barefoot Running

We often get asked about barefoot running.  Is really seems to be the latest craze at the moment, although in reality, it’s probably only practiced by less than 1% of the running population.  We aren’t against barefoot running – we’re led by the science and research.

One of the claims of barefoot runners is that when practiced judiciously, minimalist shoe wear can help strengthen foot muscles and foot health in some cases.  This type of misinformation that minimalist shoes strengthen feet seems to be commonly believed by many barefoot and minimalist shoe advocates, even though there is not a single scientific research study that supports the claim that shoes with thinner soles somehow strengthen feet.
Using the same confirmation bias, the barefoot and minimalist advocates also commonly claim that foot orthoses weaken the feet.  There is not a shred of scientific research that supports the claim that foot orthoses somehow weaken feet over time.  In fact, of the two published scientific studies that have investigated changes in foot and leg strength after a period of wearing orthoses, two of them have shown a significant increase in foot and leg muscle strength after wearing foot orthoses (Jung DY, Koh EK, Kwon OY: Effect of foot orthoses and short-foot exercise on the cross-sectional area of the abductor hallucis muscle in subjects with pes planus:  A randomized controlled trial. J Back Musculoskelet Rehabil, 24(4):225-231, 2011;  Mayer F, Hirshmuller A, Muller S, Schuberth M, Baur H:  Effects of short-term treatment strategies over 4 weeks in Achilles tendinopathy. Br J Sports Med, 41 (7):e1-e5, 2007).
As podiatrists, we must be vocal as a profession to provide the public with scientifically factual information regarding the effects of shoes on feet because, if we don't provide this information to protect the public, who will?

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