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Monthly News September 2014

Kent and Ben had a wonderful time attending the Queensland Podiatry conference in Townsville. They learnt about the most updated treatments and are eager to chare their knowledge.

Chari has been also busy working with the Brisbane State High First XV team. The boys have currenly finished their season, however the outcomes of this weekend will show where they place on the table. We wish them all the best.

Lateral (outside) Hip Pain

What is lateral hip pain?

Lateral hip pain is a common presentation particualrly among distance runners and women over the age of 40. Traditionally lateral hip pain was thought to be due to trochanteric bursitis. However, it appears taht tendinopathy of the glutemedius and /or minimus and bursa pathology probably co-exist. The term 'greater trochanter pain syndrome' (GTPS) is now used to describe this condition.


What are the symptoms?

- Patients may report pain over the hip bone and down the outside thigh +/- down the side of the leg.
- Pain tends to be episodic but can worsen overtime
- Frequently pain lying on the affected side can be the most distressing symptom 
- Pain with, or following, weight bearing activities

What can cause lateral hip pain?

- Can be triggered by sudden falls
- Prolonged weight bearing on one leg
- Activity overuse or sporting injuries
- Most commonly observed in middle aged women who have commenced recent unaccustomed exercise
How is it treated?
Make sure you get yourself assessed by our Physiotherapist to assess what is causing YOUR condition and symptoms. Your Physiotherapist will take a detailed history of the onset of your pain and gain an idea of what tasks in your daily life may be affecting it.

Treatments may then include:
  • Teaching you how to control pain by minimising compression on the hip bone
    • For example: avoid hanging one one hip as you can see below
  • Strategies to manage the load on the tendons around the hip
  • Ways strengthen the gluteal (bottom) muscles
  • Treating other underlying factors that predsipose you to lateral hip pain
  • Advice and education regarding this condition
  • possible referral onward for scans and medical intervention if required
See our Physiotherapist today to ensure you can get your hip pain back on the right track!


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