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Monthly News July 2015

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As we mentioned last month our resident Sports Physiotherapist Chari was down in Sydney with the Queensland Rugby Union Women's XV's Squad. They unfortunately went down to ACT on Day 2 of the pool rounds meaning they missed a shot of the Championship final. They placed 3rd overall in the country. Congratulations to all involved.

We have a new Dietitian Steph Cronin now practicing out of the clinic for the Apple to Zucchini team. Most of you would know that Angie is now on maternity leave and Steph has come in to services all her clients.

Here is a little bit about Steph:

Growing up in a very athletic family, Steph has been involved in a range of sports including running, swimming, surfing, surf life saving and netball. Living on the Sunshine Coast, it was her love for the ocean and surf life saving that captured Steph’s thirst for competitive sport. To date, Steph has represented Queensland three times and gained several individual and team medals at both state and national level.

Steph continues to train & compete, making her understanding of practical sports nutrition one of her great strengths. Seeing how her own performance is impacted by good (and sometimes bad!) nutrition choices has developed her desire to help other athletes make the best possible nutrition choice for them.

Steph is a passionate dietitian who is devoted to working with her clients to reach their health goals. She strongly believes that quality nutrition and exercise is the key to living a sustainable healthy lifestyle.
She is currently in the clinic on Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays!

 This month's feature is on Mortons Neuroma!

Are you getting pain under the ball of the foot?
You may have Mortons Neuroma?

What is Morton's Neuroma? 
Morton's Neuroma refers to compression of the nerve between the 3rd and 4th metatarsals. It is not considered a true neuroma but is still compression of the nerve made worse by excessive movement in the forefoot and scar tissue.

What causes Morton's Neuroma?

It occurs secondary to an unstable forefoot, where there is lots of movement between the 3rd and 4th metatarsals. Also tight, constrictive footwear can also increase the compression forces on the nerves.
How does it feel?

Primarily, the pain is ill-defined and localized to the forefoot. It may cause radiating pain into the toes. Weight bearing, particularly in tight footwear or intensive forefoot running may exacerbate the symptoms. Pain is often described as 'shooting' or 'burning' and is often accompanied with pins and needles when compression is applied to the forefoot.

What should I avoid?

If you have or suspect you have Morton's Neuroma you should not continue to participate in activities that aggravate the symptoms. Tight footwear and high heels should be avoided as they will increase the compressive forces on the forefoot.

What should I do?

If you have or suspect you have Morton's Neuroma you should book in to see your Podiatrist and make changes to any aggravating footwear.
The Podiatrist will take a history of your symptoms, and perform an examination of your gait as well as of the painful area to determine if you do indeed have Morton's Neuroma.
If you do have the condition, the Podiatrist will be able to get you on the right course of treatment for you.
Talk to our Podiatrist's today to see how you can get yourself back pain free in no time!

Are you recently returning to sport after an injury?

Not sure on how you are going to go?

See our APA Sports Physiotherapist Chari to assess whether you are ready to return to sport safely!

If you aren't quite there she can also give you an idea on where your weaknesses are and what you need to do to get back on the field.

She can also take you through strength and conditioning exercises in our clinic to help with your progressions back into sport.

Call us on (07) 3846 4800 to book in!


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