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Monthly News October 2012

Welcome to the October newsletter from Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy.

Practice News
Next week, podiatrists Ben and Kent Sweeting will be attending the Queensland Podiatry Conference. Ben will be discussing the evidence for conservative treatment for adult acquired flat foot. Performance Podiatry was one of the first practices to use a Richie brace for this condition and continues to be a leader in ankle-foot orthoses in the podiatric community. 

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Dining with Angie

Dietitians often get asked "well, what would you eat?"
Take a look at what dietitian Angie Clark is eating ....

Almond Pancakes
"Tennis Elbow"
Tennis elbow, lateral epicondylalgia or extensor tendinopathy, refers to the degeneration and inflammation of the tendons on the outside of the elbow. These tendons connect the forearm muscles to the arm bone. These muscles function to move the wrist, hand and fingers.

How does it happen?
Tennis elbow usually results from repetitive movements of the wrist and hand.

How does it feel?
The primary sensation is pain that is felt on the outside of the elbow and forearm. This pain develops gradually and may initially disappear with a warm up. Over time, as the tendinopathy worsens, the pain may be present during activity.

What should you do?
Tennis elbow generally does not get better on its own if the cause is not addressed and you continue to participate in agrravating activities. If you have or suspect you have extensor tendinopathy, you should consult your nearest Sports Medicine professional.

What shouldn't you do?
You should not ignore the problem. Your recovery may be prolonged and it may take longer to return to participation in activities.

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