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The team at Performance Podiatry & West End Physio present an August update!
It's August and the days are getting  warmer and brighter. Winter is almost over for another year and Spring is right around the corner. As we roll into a new season,  get yourself outside and active in the warm golden sun but don't forget to come in to see our physiotherapist and podiatrists if you have any niggling injuries before you do.  

As we will soon be in open toe shoes, this month we wanted to keep the 'Spring' in your step and shed the light on a common condition, the fungal nail infection.
Fungal Nail Infections and How To Manage Them
What is a fungal nail infection? 
Your nail is made up of a protein known as keratin. A fungal nail infection is where the fungus lives in the nail and feeds off of this protein. The protein is the structural element to the nail, so as the nail is stripped of it's protein it loses it's integrity and becomes white/yellow/dark brown, porous, crumbly and in some cases can detach from the nail bed. 
What causes a fungal nail infection?
There are many ways you can acquire a fungal nail infection however, it all comes down to the environment that the feet are in. Fungus thrives in warm, dark, moist environments, just like your shoes and socks. This means that your feet are sitting in the ideal environment for fungus and other micro-organisms to grow. Factors that will increase your likelihood in having an infection are: 
  • Keeping your feet in shoes and socks all day everyday
  • Wearing the same pair of socks more than one day in a row
  • Wearing nylon stockings frequently
  • Having overly sweaty feet
  • Routinely wearing nail polish from the beauticians 
  • Having prolonged period of tinea/athlete's foot (it's the same fungus in the skin and can spread into the nails)

How do I prevent getting a fungal nail infection?
The best way to prevent a fungal nail infection is by controlling the primary cause, the environment that the feet are in.
  • Try and wear open toe shoes as much as possible
  • Leave your shoes and socks off at the door when you come home, if leaving again put on a new pair of socks
  • Change socks when sweaty
  • Never wear shoes without socks
  • Avoid nylon stocking
  • Wash socks in 60 degree temperature (fungus leaves residue in socks that lives up to 53 degrees) or use a Canesten antifungal detergent
  • Avoid nail polish from beauticians

How do I treat a fungal nail infection?
It's very important when treating a fungal nail infection that you address the primary cause (the environment) and follow the steps above. In addition to this:
  • Treat any tinea/athlete's foot with over the counter treatment
  • Cut/buff away any discolored nail (the fungus is harbored in this nail and can continue to spread and hinder your treatment)
  • Apply a topical antifungal nail treatment from the pharmacy


  • A fungal infection can take anywhere from 2 months-18months to treat so the most important ingredient in your repertoire will be perseverance.
  • Having a deep clean by your podiatrist generally make a significant difference in the aesthetic of the nail.
  • It helps to build a relationship with your podiatrist who will clean away the damaged nail and document your improvements every 6-8 weeks keeping you motivated until the nail is fully restored.

If you have a fungal nail infection that has you in over your head, book in with one of our podiatrists today. They will be more than happy to help and get your toes sandal ready for Summer!

Give us a call on (07) 38464800 to book in today!
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