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Welcome to the July newsletter from Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy.

Practice News
At the end of July we will be welcoming massage therapist Wayne George to our team at Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy. Wayne George is a qualified and experienced Sports, Remedial and Therapeutic massage practitioner, with added health industry skills including reflexology, human nutrition, Indian head massage and first aid course instruction. He is a qualified mechanical engineer by trade and a human engineer by choice!

Wayne operated a successful sports and therapeutic massage practice in NZ for ten years and for six of these years he was a massage provider to high performance sport NZ. During this time he also worked at a musculo-skeletal rehabilitation hospital assisting patient recovery from joint replacement surgery. Wayne also possesses skills in stroke survivor rehabilitation and prides himself on achieving positive patient health outcomes.

We are taking bookings now for massage therapy. Ring reception for details and to book now! Simply phone us on (07) 3846 4800.

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Our website has been updated to include information on each of the services we currently offer - Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Pilates, Dietetics, as well as helpful answers to FAQs. For online bookings or further information click on the link below.


Stress fracture of the Calcaneus

A stress fracture of the calcaneus is an incomplete fracture or crack in the calcaneum bone (heel)

How does it happen?
It often results from an imbalance in bone formation and bone resorption. It is an overuse injury that occurs secondary to repetitive impact loading on a weight-bearing structure. Factors that may contribute to a stress fracture include changes or increases in training load and/or frequency, training surfaces, footwear, biomechanal abnormalities and muscle fatigue.

How does it feel?
Pain is usually of a gradual onset, with weight-bearing activities such as walking and running exaccerbating the pain. Squeezing the back of the heel on both sides simultaneously will elicit the painful symptoms. There may be pain present at rest and/or during the night.

What should you do?
If you have or suspect you have a stress fracture or bone damage to the heel, you should consult your nearest sports medicine professional.

What shouldn't you do?
You shouldn't continue to exercise if you have a suspected stress fracture of the heel bone. Weight bearing on the area is not advised, as this may exacerbate the area of bone weakness and risk a larger fracture or crack in the bone.

Pilates Classes Now On!

To reserve your place, booking is essential! Simply call reception on (07) 3846 4800.

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