This award is because of you...
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Today, Fast Company released their annual list of Most Innovative Companies. We feel extremely honored to be listed as Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Africa. We're among other great companies like M-PESA, Samsung Electronics, Apple, and Netflix. WOW--We've looked at all of these companies for inspiration.

This award is because of you. Thank you!

Supporters like you have inspired and encouraged us to challenge the status quo. You have allowed us to focus on our mission and our milestones.  Without your support, none of this would be possible.

In the last year we have...

  • Gone from 6 to 32 staff (that’s 5.5x growth!)

  • Confirmed that customers like both their blue boxes and our service delivery method (we’ve had over 500 individual payments!)

  • Designed and sold some of the first charcoal briquettes ever made from human waste

  • Built a waste processing site that has the capacity to serve 2,000+ households

We have also recently been supported by innovative funders Segal Family Foundation and ViaWater. We're excited to work with these two groups who are helping us get the service-delivery model right before we push scale.

Our site less than 1 year ago...
Our Site Now!

Where to find us?

We're interested in getting your feedback and ideas

Sankalp Feb 25th-26th! – We will be speaking with investors and future supporters at Sankalp Africa. On the 25th, see us in the "Lounge Tent" at 11:30am as we discuss water and sanitation services. Later, you'll find us in the World Bank’s Service Delivery Innovations tent.

Site Visits – We’re located in Naivasha, Kenya. Come stop by!

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Want to get involved?

Fill out the database below, and WE'RE HIRING!

We're going to need a lot of help over the next year and we know a lot of smart people read this newsletter. Have a few hours and a way you can assist us? Fill out our survey and tell us how you can help!
Job openings

1.  Director of Operations

2.  Officer of Sales and Marketing

Please forward to talented, top notch, rockstars!

What's upcoming?

Diving deep into client feedback - Product-market fit analysis with our clients, some of whom we have had for 15 months.
Working with Nyama Choma - Stress testing our briquette product with Nyama Choma grillers, the charcoal experts.
Launching Refugee Camp Report - Launching a comprehensive “lessons learned” report from our pilot in Kakuma refugee camp
Conducting Staff Professional Development - Launching computer training courses and a personalized mentor program
Get excited!
-The Sanivation Team
p.s. With your continued support, we're looking forward to being on Fast Company's list next year too!  |  PO Box 262, Naivasha, Kenya 20117

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