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Segregation of Duties (SoD) describes your company’s rules for doing business. Hence SoD needs to be the foundation for any access maintenance in SAP. But keeping track of SoD rules and converting the rules into SAP technical controls have always been a tough task, especially at large companies.
Proper control of SoD in SAP therefore requires systemized assistance, as provided by Beacon Analytics. Without it you need to result to periodic manual reporting which requires a large effort from your IT department and in the end might not deliver the needed result.


What do you get in a Beacon Analytics solution?

  • Simple and intuitive SoD reporting , incl. SoD conflict details on authorization object field level
  • Amazing role simulator for analyzing planned SoD consequences of role changes
  • A standard rule book with approximately 1.200 critical access combinations
  • Each delivered SoD combination includes information about why it is critical and a mitigating control
  • Real time SoD consequence analysis of changes to role assignments
  • Taking the best of SAP standard and adding a 2nd intelligence
  • The price!

Out of the box solutions

Beacon Analytics is based on a rule set with   approximately 200 activities and 1.200 critical combinations which is continuously revised by MNSecurity in collaboration with KPMG. You can customize the rule book in any way you want, but the rule book is the foundation for all functions in Beacon Analytics, including:

SoD reporting
One of the major concerns when working with the primitive standard SoD report in SAP is that you need to have expert knowledge of the SAP authorization concept in order to understand and determine actions from the report – on the other hand reporting in Beacon Analytics is easy and intuitive to understand, yet detailed enough to act upon.

Role change analysis
How do you currently analyze if adding a new transaction to an existing role violates the company SoD rules? Or how do you keep track of SoD conflicts in new roles before you create them in SAP? Prior to Beacon Analytics it was difficult, but now you can use the intuitive analysis tool to see the SoD consequences of your role changes.

Role assignment change analysis
Have you ever wondered if you violate your SoD rules by adding additional roles to a SAP user? The amazing role assignment analysis tool in Beacon Analytics helps you analyze SoD consequences of adding additional roles to a user.

What is the cost and how fast can Beacon Analytics be up and running at your company?

A full Beacon Analytics installation takes between 1 and 2 days – one day for the technical installation in your environment and half a day of instruction in the use of Beacon Analytics – that’s all! And all of this is included in the price of Beacon Analytics.

The purchase price for Beacon Analytics is: 33.500 €, incl. the first year’s license
The yearly license fee for unlimited Beacon Analytics users is: 13.500 €


Beacon & MNSecurity

More than 25 years of IT security consulting and auditing experience from many of Europe’s largest companies, have continually shown that one of the biggest security challenges in IT environments is the enablement of qualified sparring between the business decision makers and the IT department.

Based on this experience, MNSecurity has developed a software suite to ease and automate procedures and monitoring in relation to SAP – the suite is named Beacon and is developed in close cooperation with key customers throughout Scandinavia.

For further details and a demonstration, so you can see for yourself how Beacon Analytics will improve your SAP business controls, you are welcome to contact us here

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