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With just a year to go until the next European Parliament Elections in April 2019, CEV is pleased to launch the updated Vote Volunteer Vision Campaign. VVV is a Toolkit for CEV members and other Volunteer-Involving Organisations to discover and develop the European Parliament candidates’ opinions on volunteering with reference to the Policy Agenda on Volunteering in Europe (PAVE) & the “Helping Hands EYV 2011 5-Year Review” and the 5R Policy Priorities. The campaign again includes the opportunity for EP candidates to pledge to support an EP Intergroup on Solidarity and Volunteering if elected.  Download the fully completed version and the empty template here.

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: EUROPEAN VOLUNTEERING CAPITAL 2020: CEV launches the seventh edition of the European Volunteer Capital competition #EVCapital2020. The award is chosen from the applicant municipalities by an international jury of experts who assess the extent to which the recommendations as listed in PAVE and the “5R” policy priorities as identified in the PAVE 5 year review “Helping Hands”, are shown to be implemented. How the European Solidarity Corps will be supported and promoted is also part of the criteria. The European Volunteering Capital Competition aims to promote volunteering at the local level by giving recognition to municipalities that support and strengthen partnerships with volunteer centres and volunteer-involving organisations and celebrate and promote volunteering and the impact made by volunteers. Deadline: 29 June 2018. Find the ONLINE application form and more information here.

The 2018 European Week of Regions and Cities (Brussels 8 - 11 October) will, for the first time, feature an event dedicated to volunteering and the European Volunteering Capitals in the cluster of “Education, culture and youth”. Hosted by a consortium of European Volunteer capitals, EV candidate municipalities and Volunteer-Friendly cities Aarhus, Guimaraes, Kosice, Sligo and Konjice, and supported by CEV, the workshop will focus on Building cohesive communities through Solidarity and Volunteering . For more information here.

On 21-23 September, European Volunteering Capital Aarhus 2018 creates a buzzing festival and celebration of volunteering in the city of Aarhus. Organisations, researchers, businesses, politicians, international guests and citizens are invited to join the Aarhus Volunteer Festival.  The goal of the festival is to celebrate, debate and share the many volunteering communities and initiatives that make a world of difference. Learn more here.

On 8 May, on the occasion of the City Day of the Kosice municipality, Gabriella Civico, CEV Director, delivered to the two Vice Mayors of the city the certificate naming Kosice as European Volunteering Capital 2019. Find more here.


The CEV Capacity Building Conference “Volunteering in Culture” was held from 19-20 April in Rijeka, Croatia. Collaboration with CEV member, Croatian Volunteer Development Centre, their member SMART, together with Rijeka 2020 Agency and the City of Rijeka enabled a rich event with many aspects of volunteering in Culture addressed. Debbie, European Solidarity Corps Volunteer in Osijek with the Social Atelier project, Juan Manuel, CEV European Solidarity Corps Trainee, and Giulia, former CEV European Solidarity Corps Trainee were present. Read more about European Solidarity Corps here. Read here the press release. Find the pictures here, the report will be available soon!

Registration is now Open for the CEV Autumn 2018 Volunteering Congress in Brussels to be held for two full days of 25 and 26 October. You can register here and  you can find the programme outline here.


The report from CEV Autumn 2017 Volunteering Congress in Vienna is now published and available here.


The EVS Realm Partners meeting took place from April 22-25 in Michalowo, Poland.  CEV was represented by Project and Policy Officer Giulia Bordin and it has been the occasion, together with the other project partners (Polistiko Ergaristi, Anawoi and CEV Member Pro Vobis),  to conduct the mid-term evaluation of this Erasmus Plus project and to plan in detail the Mentors training to take place in Cyprus in June 2018 and the closing conference on October 25th in Brussels as part of the CEV Autumn Volunteering Congress. Click here for more information about the training and the project.

On 23 April Juan Manuel Báez, CEV Project and Policy ESC Trainee, attended the forum “Just Volunteers: The Transformational Power of International Voluntary Actions for Climate Justice and Freedom of Movement” at UNESCO House, Paris. Organised by the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS), the event provided the opportunity to discuss the impact of voluntary service on development, food production and climate change. You can find more here.

Civil society volunteers gathered together in Ankara, Turkey, between 25-26 April 2018. Sivil Düşün EU Programme convened the 2nd CSO Forum on the theme of volunteering, and hosted around 250 participants from six European countries and 60 cities across Turkey. The forum provided the opportunity for CEV Director, Gabriella Civico and representatives from across the CEV network, Nicolo’ Triacca (CSVNet), Michel Lefranc (France Benevolat) and Matthew Linning from Volunteer Scotland, to share their knowledge and experience. More information here.

The Erasmus Plus LeverUP Multiplier event "Lever Up: A complete and multi-sector tool for Validation of transversal skills acquired through volunteering" was organised by CEV on 11th April in collaboration with the Economic and Social Committee (EESC). The event was attended by 30 people and counted on the expert input of Andrea Casamenti (YFJ),  Pauline Boivin (LLLPlatform) MEP Brando Benifei and Leonardo Lorusso, representative of Regione Lombardia representation in Brussels. Find out more here.

On 10 April, Giulia Bordin, CEV Project and Policy officer, joined the Communication meeting of the SDG Watch Europe. During this meeting ideas for dissemination have been shared and a plan prepared for the next SDG campaign that will take place in September 2018. For more information read the SDG Watch Europe newsletters.

On 17 April, Gabriella Civico, CEV Director, spoke at the Confederation of European Senior Expert Services (CESES) General Assembly in Brussels. The focus was on current and future trends for volunteering in Europe.


On 17 April, Giulia Bordin, CEV Project and Policy Officer, participated in the ECE Seminar "The Social Pillar and European Semester as tools for delivering social Europe – a reflection with civil society".  Several topics such as economic and social governance, poverty prevention, equal opportunities have been analysed by linking them with the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights. Find more here.

On 18 April, Andreea Nagy, CEV Communication and Advocacy Officer, and Juan Manuel Báez, CEV Project and Policy ESC trainee, participated in the Making It Matter Kick-Off meeting, an Erasmus+ Project to create the Manual on Measuring Impact of Volunteering on social inclusion that gathers organisations from six different countries, Volonterski Centar Osijek, part of the CEV Member Croatian Volunteer Development Centre, CEV Members Frivilligcentre og Selvhjælp Danmark (FriSe), National Network for Civil Society (BBE), Slovenska Filantropija, Volunteer Ireland.  Read more here.

On 12 and 13 April, Vicente Baeza, CEV Board member, and Gabriella Civico, CEV Director, participated in the EU Aid Volunteers workshop in Brussels with more than  80 other participants to share their experiences and to look ahead on the past achievements and future developments of the EU Aid Volunteers programme. Read EU Aid Volunteers Newsletter.

On 27 April Giulia Bordin, CEV Project and Policy officer, participated in the Annual Convention on Inclusive Growth 2018 organised by DG EMPL and focused on “The European Pillar of Social Rights: a road to the implementation”. During the “Speed-Dating” session of the event, she presented the approach CEV has taken in hosting European Solidarity Corps trainees and their contribution to the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights. More information here.

On 3 and 4 May Giulia Bordin, CEV Project and Policy officer, attended the Seminar “Young People’s citizenship and Europe: Which ways forward?” organised by the EU-CoE Partnership in Strasbourg. The main aim of the seminar was to raise the understanding of the role of citizenship education with young people in Europe today and to map the ongoing and achieved work, including that done by volunteers in the field of citizenship education with young people.

In the online Newsletter “Non-Profit”, a legacy of Barcelona’s year as the first European Volunteering Capital in 2013, the article “Volunteering & Solidarity in the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018”, written by Gabriella Civico, CEV Director, has been published. You can read the whole article here.


On 26 April, Gabriella Civico, CEV Director, participated in the Civil Society Europe (CSE) General Assembly in Brussels. Emily O’Reilly, the European Ombudsman, participated to the first part of the meeting for a Strategic Debate on civil dialogue and transparency of decision-making within EU institutions. Francois Balate from the YFJ, was elected to be part of the CSE Steering Committee.



Volunteer Scotland team members Margaret Starkie and Rosie Abernethy have started to collaborate with CEV to develop an overview/calendar of Events ranging from festivals, weeks, awards and fairs across Europe to help reward, recognise and celebrate volunteers and volunteering. They will be asking other CEV members to contribute to a survey aiming to identify the various activities.  Read more here.

WOSM presents MoViS, a tool for “Management of Volunteers in Scouting”. The management of volunteers is divided into three sections (Acquisition, Training, Management), enabling those using the tool to have guidelines for the different stages of volunteers involvement. More here

Vlaams Steunpunt Vrijwilligerswerk vzw has developed a toolkit for helping organisations in “Recruiting Volunteers”. Find the toolkit here.


France Bénévolat is aiming to promote volunteer mentoring in French schools since, besides all its other benefits, mentoring can serve as a way of spreading the volunteer spirit among students and, thus, develop volunteering active citizenship in the country. Read more about “From school mentors to school volunteers” here.

On 24 April Moody’s Corporation launched a global approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) focused on empowering people around the world with the information, resources and confidence they need to create a better future, for themselves, their communities and the environment. Read more hereDiscover Moody's request for funding proposals from civil society to support small business growth here.


On 2 May the European Commission has approved today its proposal for the next long-term budget of the EU – the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) 2021-2027. This proposal will be accompanied by a set of legislative proposals defining future EU spending programmes. You can find the proposal here and its annex here. The public consultations on the priorities of the EU that were launched in January 2018 helped to prepare this proposal. Check out the Vote Volunteer Vision Campaign document to see some of the ways that the proposal impacts on funding for volunteering.

The EU is simplifying the rules on using money from the EU budget. On 19 April 2018, the Council of the European Union endorsed an agreement reached with the European Parliament on the so-called Omnibus regulation on EU financial rules. Volunteer organisations will benefit from the fact that volunteer time will be recognised as part of their contribution towards the co-financing requirement. Read more here.

View here the teaser video for EESC Civil Society Days 2018.  Entitled "Citizenship, Democracy & Culture in digitalised Europe", the event will focus on contributing to the current debate about the future of Europe, and on highlighting the important role of civil society organisations across Europe. CEV, in collaboration with EFIL, will run a workshop on “Identities and Polarisation”. Read more and follow #CivSocDays.

The call for proposals within the European Year of Cultural Heritage for KA3 "Social inclusion and common values: the contribution in the field of education, training and youth" under the Erasmus + programme is now open and will support transnational cooperation projects in the fields of education, training and youth, with a total budget of 14.000.000 euro. Deadline 22 May. Read more here.

On 2nd May the European Commission has launched a public consultation in 23 languages on the measures proposed in the Council Recommendation on the integration of the long-term unemployed into the labour market (2016/C 67/01) and on their implementation. The aim of the consultation is to feed into the ongoing evaluation of actions taken to implement the Recommendation, including to shed light on future possible action to support the long-term unemployed. All citizens, organisations and public authorities are welcome to respond to this consultation until 31 July 2018.

The European Youth Portal has changed its layout, aiming for a more user friendly website, in line with the upcoming needs of organisations and young people. You can visit it here.

The 3rd European Vocational Skills Week will be organised in Vienna, Austria, from 5 to 9 November 2018. In addition to the events to be organised by the European Commission and the Austrian presidency, national, regional and local events will take place associated with the Week. Find out more and how to include your events here.


Slovenia has adopted the Non-governmental Organizations Act, which has been prepared in close cooperation with NGOs and is a result of a three-year participatory process to which CEV has also contributed. The Act introduces a uniform definition of NGOs, defines the conditions an organization must fulfil to be considered an NGO, introduces the status of NGO acting in public interests and establishes a single and up-to- date record of non-governmental organisations acting in the public interest. Read the press release here.

The Scult Newsletter is out, where you can find reports of past events and upcoming volunteering opportunities in the field of sport. You can read it here. SCULT is an International Sport Volunteers Movement, connecting bright-eyed volunteers at all ages, sport event organisers and sport clubs around the world. CEV is a partner in the Erasmus+ project inSCULT.

The Bertelsmann Stiftung foundation has analysed the future steps in reforming the European Citisens’s Initiave (ECI) taking into account the response and steps done in the last six years. You can read the foundation Policy brief here and the corresponding Factsheet here.

In May 2018 Volunteering Matters are hosting an online volunteering course, as part of the ongoing, Erasmus Plus funded project  “Volunteering for the Future” . Find out more here.


The newly established fund Civitates is proud to announce its first call focused on encouraging civil society organisations from EU member states and EFTA countries to come together and create coalitions to address issues related to the shrinking space for civil society. For more information click here.

The 25th IAVE World Volunteer Conference will take place on 16-20 October in Augsburg, Germany. Find more on how to register  here  and about the programme here. The conference theme is  "Our Responsibility for the Global Future" and it is hosted by Volunteer Centre Augsburg. Read more here.

CEV is always willing to welcome new members to our network. You can read more information about membership on our website or in our “Why to be a member of the CEV network?” flyer.
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