Daytona, Wisconsin, and Clark County, Nevada.
Daytona National Reptile Breeders' Expo Recap
Last weekend saw the 26th chapter of the National Reptile Breeders' Expo and it was another great show. Even after 26 years, this is still an annual gathering for many longtime herpers and still one of the highest concentrations of breeders and hobbyists in the U.S. Thank you to Wayne Hill for providing USARK with a large booth and herp community support. 

USARK saw a lot of love from the NRBE crowd. Shirt sales and new membership registrations in the booth were great. Vendors and attendees donated for the Saturday night auction to give us another hugely successful fundraiser. Hundreds of herpers showed support by filling the event room and bidding generously. CaribSea raised over $1,200 in their booth and donated those efforts to USARK. And the list goes on! 

We must send out huge thanks Colette Adams and Lou Mennella. Without them and their organization of the auction details, the event would not have been possible or have gone as smoothly. Thanks, Lou and Colette!

Additional thanks to the Turtle and Tortoise Club of Florida. President Bob Volkers and the club's members stepped up to make this year's auction go quite well. You can get more information and support them at

Below is a list of donors who made the NRBE auction possible:

$2,500+: Timberline, Burke Reptiles

$2,000+: Paul Vander Schouw

$1,750+: (Marc Cantos)

$1,500+: Travis Whisler Reptiles, Zilla, Snakes at Sunset

$1000+: Zoo Med, Perfect Predators, Exo Terra, Breeder's Circle, Legacy Reptiles, Ben Siegel

$500+: Wayne Hill, Tetra, Omni Reptiles, Reptile Kingdom, New World Morphs, Bailey & Bailey Reptiles, 4th Point Studios-James Krause,, Art by Shalimar,, Bill Brant, C Serpents, Mike Besok, Goss Reptiles, Gourmet Rodent, Kicks Balls, Incredible Pets, Chad Fuchs-CF Snakes

$100+: Theresa Moran, Micah Tunnell, CaribSea, Exotic Pets Las Vegas, Dynasty Reptiles, Richard Wells, Big Chief Dragons, Reptiles 2 You, Kim Foose, Dale Porcher, Premier Acrylics, Josh's Frogs, Kathryn, JurassiPet, Russell Pearl, Hector's Habitat, SW Reptile, Kelly's Balls, Top Hat Geckos, Rodents on the Road, Bill Ninesling, SSnakes, Ridgeway Exotics, All Good Dragons, Scott's Florida Kingsnakes, Adam Chesla Reptiles, Marty's Morphs, CD Constrictors, The Borneo Addiction, Creepy Exotics, Fairytail Dragons, Gold Coast Reptiles, Salt Creek Reptiles, Wild Side, Manatee Suncoast Lizard LLC., Tim Keogan Reptiles, James Verga, Jim Widows, CM Exotics & Imports, Jones'n 4 Reptiles, Constricted Reptiles, Tom & Teresa reptiles, Reptile Basics, Morton Wright Reptiles, Constrictor Collective, Captive Bred Reptiles, Rick Boschen, NGM Reptiles, Redfoot Ranch, Underground Reptiles, Cutting Edge Herp, AHP Reptiles, La Ferme Tropicale

Other Contributors: Vic Morgan, Beyond Scales Reptiles, Union of the Snake, Thunder Bay Herps, Ferguson Animal Hospital, Slither Mania, Dan O'Malley, PC Reptiles, Natural Chemistry, Yellow Room Reptiles, Dreams in Dirt-Angela Rose, Pokey's Geckos, Gulf Hammock Herps, Henry Theiss, Family Reptiles, Gold Coast Reptiles, House of Reptiles, Glynn & Terry, Thunder Bay Herps, Python Peddler, SIM Container, Hardin Herpetological, Ward's World of Reptile Propagation, Reco Aqua Rep, Central Florida Herp Society, Patricia Siamson-Healy, Brother's Exotics, Ben Cole Reptile, Chuck Shaeffer, Extreme Exotics, Elizabeth's Handmade Jewelry, Natural Products & Services, Aquatic N Exotic, Sun Pet, Fulltone Herps, Tom Davis, Peterson Brothers, Your Tegu, Pinellas Co. Reptiles, Mike Nolan, Personalized Pet Portraits, Wildside, Wildlife Design by Linda, Central Florida Zoo, Hulker's Herps, Wildlife Alert, Scales & Tales, Slither Mania

Volunteers: Colette Adams, Lou Mennella and his wife and son, Meg Little, Curt, Laney Simmons, Marc Cantos (, Ben Wanyo of Zoo Med, Bob, Robbie and Alex Volkers, Kim Foose, Mark Kirchner, Mark and Kim Illum, Ralph Till, Rosie Johnson, Peter Seay, Michelle, Melissa

If we missed anyone, please let us know. We appreciate the support from everyone as these fundraisers allow USARK to continue the battle against anti-pet groups and anti-herp legislation.

Wisconsin introduced a Dangerous Wild Animal bill today (8/26/15), SB 241. It has been referred to Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety. This is the same bill we saw in 2014. More details coming soon.

View SB 241 text at This bill makes changes to the laws relating to the possession of certain wild animals. It impacts these reptile species: Crocodylia: an alligator of any species, crocodile of any species, caiman of any species, or gharial.

Full list of prohibited species:

"Dangerous exotic animal" means a live animal that is any of the following:

1. One of the following animals of the family felidae: a lion, tiger, jaguar, 
leopard, snow leopard, clouded leopard, Sunda clouded leopard, or cheetah or a hybrid of any of these species.
2. One of the following animals of the family ursidae: an Asiatic black bear, brown bear, polar bear, sloth bear, sun bear, giant panda bear, or spectacled bear or a hybrid of any of these species.
3. One of the following animals of the family hominidae: a gorilla, orangutan, chimpanzee, or bonobo.
4. One of the following animals of the family hylobatidae: a siamang or gibbon.
5. One of the following animals of the order crocodylia: an alligator of any 
species, crocodile of any species, caiman of any species, or gharial.

Also, Ursus americanus shall be classified as a "harmful wild animal."

ALERT: Clark County, Nevada Animal Code Changes

Proposed changes to the animal code for all pets (domestic and exotic) have been proposed. The proposed draft allows for nearly all reptiles. However, HSUS has hired lobbyists who are pushing for extreme bans, including reptiles over 2', reptiles over 10 pounds, and even parakeets.

Clark County residents should contact the Southern Nevada Herp Society for more details. USARK will issue updates as available.

Viethe proposed changes and agenda at This is not the HSUS proposal.
Herp Survey for Everyone

Please take a survey about pets, conservation, reptiles and more. This is a public survey and responses from non-herpers will be greatly beneficial. Please share!

Southwestern Center for Herpetological Research - SWCHR has their 2015 Reptile and Amphibian Public Opinion Survey open at This survey is for people who enjoy these animals as well as people who don't. All opinions are useful!

This survey will help provide data for various stakeholders based on public attitudes toward reptiles and amphibians, as well as regulations and practices regarding public interaction with these animals. The survey runs from Aug. 15th through Nov. 30th.

30th Midwest Herpetological Symposium
The Madison Area Herpetological Society is hosting the event this year in Madison, WI. It takes place November 6-8. Get all the details at and
TTPG Conference
The Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group holds their conference November 11-13 in Mesa, AZ. Get details at

The TTPG is open to all people interested in the welfare of chelonians. TTPG is a non-profit 501c3, founded in 1996 to help ensure survival of the world's turtle and tortoise species. Individuals that maintain captive collections have a great responsibility to ensure their chelonians are properly cared for and maintained. Whether you are a member or not, the TTPG will help you fulfill this responsibility by providing information on the care and maintenance of turtles and tortoises.

Donate to the USARK Legal Defense Fund
Information for making donations online and via check/money order can be found at You can make one-time, weekly, monthly or annual donations. You can also include a message that will be posted on the Legal Defense Fund Donor Wall at for all to see. You can even choose to make your donation or donation amount anonymous. Thanks for your support as we battle FWS to restore the freedoms of the Reptile Nation.
Join RAACA 2.0 Today!

There is a new anytime RAACA! Check out the format for listing auctions to benefit USARK via RAACA USARK Auctions at These auctions will allow donations at any time and not just during fundraiser events. Anyone can bid, donate and support the Reptile Nation!

The new 
RAACA USARK Auctions have raised over $2,600. Thank you, RAACA, Jordan, Tammy, Houssam, Christine, donors and all the admins in this group!

Reptile Events
NARBC: August 29-30 in Arlington, TX. Show details at

Portland Metro Reptile Expo: August 29 in Portland, OR. Show details at

Midwest Reptile Show: August 30 in Indianapolis, IN. Show details at

New York Metro Reptile Show: September 6 in White Plains, NY. Show details at

NARBC: September 12-13 in Anaheim, CA. Show details at

Repticon FIRE: September 12-13 in Lakeland, FL. 
Show details at

Repticon Baton Rouge: September 12-13 in Gonzales, LA. Show details at

All Maryland Reptile Show: September 12 in Havre de Grace, MD. Show details at

Cin City Reptile Show: September 13 in Fairfield, OH. More details at

Cold Blooded Expo: September 13 in Overland Park, KS. Show details at

Kentucky Reptile Expo: September 19 in Bowling Green, KY. More details at

All Ohio Reptile Show: September 19 in Hilliard, OH. More details at

All Cleveland Reptile Show: September 20 in Brook Park, OH. Details at

Indiana Reptile Breeders' Expo: September 20 in Clarksville, IN. More details at

Sacramento Reptile Show​: September 26-27 in Sacramento, CA. Show details at

New England Reptile Expo: September 27 in Manchester, NH. Show details at

H.E.R.P.S. - Houston Exotic Reptile and Pet Show: October 3-4 in Conroe, TX. Show details at and

Nebraska Reptile Breeders' Expo: October 4 in Omaha, NE. Show details at

Cold Blooded Expo: October 4 in Broken Arrow, OK. Show details at

NARBC: October 10-11 in Tinley Park, IL. Show details at

Buffalo Niagara Reptile Expo: October 11 in Amherst, NY. Show details

Lone Star Reptile Expo: October 17-18 in Arlington, TX. Show details at and

Long Island Reptile Expo: October 25 in Brentwood, NY. Show details at

OKC Elite Reptile Show: November 7-8 in Oklahoma City, OK. Show details soon at

Armadillo Reptile Expo: Austin, TX. Show details at
30th Midwest Herpetological Symposium: The Madison Area Herpetological Society is hosting the event this year in Madison, WI. It takes place November 6-8. Get all the details at and

SEWERFest Reptile Show: November 8 in Sturtevant, WI. Show details at

Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group (TTPG) Conference: November 11-12 in Mesa, AZ. More details at

Phoenix Reptile Expo: November 14-15 in Mesa, AZ. Show details at and

Las Vegas Reptile Expo: Las Vegas, NV. Show details at and

Reptile Super Show: January 9-10, 2016 in Pomona, CA. Show details at

Reptile Super Show: July 9-10, 2016 in San Diego, CA. Show details at

Western Maryland Reptile Show: Frederick, MD. Show details at

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