Injurious Reminder and NARBC Tinley Park

NARBC Tinley Park

It's Tinley time! NARBC is back and it never disappoints. Good times are guaranteed for all, with plenty of education tossed in, too! Over 100 vendors from across the country will welcome thousands of domestic and international attendees. This is truly a show packed with action.

Be sure to attend the USARK benefit auction Saturday night. Last March, this event raised over $113,000 for USARK and the Reptile Nation, allowing us to continue our battle against overreaching anti-herp legislation and animal rights groups! This auction began in a stuffed hallway and has grown to fill a huge banquet room. This affair has matured into a monster and will be talked about for weeks. Don't miss it! Thank you to Bob Ashley, Brian Potter and the NARBC crew for their continued support of USARK.

IMPORTANT: For all vendors and attendees working with species listed as injurious under the Lacey Act (which currently includes 9 species of large constrictor snakes and 201 species of salamanders), make sure to read the next section of this newsletter. 
This show also features some tremendous speakers including the below.


  • 1:00 pm – Russ Gurley "TURTLES of MEXICO"
  • 2:00 pm – Christopher Mallery, Jr. "Reptile Morphs and Linked Genes"
  • 1:00 pm - Bill Love - "Herping Arizona"

For more information about the guest speakers, please click here.

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Show Schedule:
Friday: Set-up and VIP
Saturday: 10:00-5:00 (VIP at 7:30)
Auction: 6:00 PM Saturday
Sunday: 11:00-4:00 (VIP at 10:00)


Important Reminder
Injurious Wildlife Legalities

This is an important reminder to all herpers regarding species listed as injurious under the Lacey Act, especially those attending and vending reptile shows across state lines. Keep it legal!

REMEMBER: Species listed as injurious cannot be imported into the U.S. or transported across state lines, according to the current interpretation of the Lacey Act by FWS. Not only does this include nine species of constrictor snakes, but now also includes 201 species of salamanders per the interim rule effective as of January 28, 2016 (see "Salamander Injurious Listing" section below for full details).

USARK has an upcoming hearing on April 1 regarding our lawsuit challenging the authority of FWS to prohibit interstate transportation of species listed as injurious. Last summer, the Court ruled in favor of USARK, granting our members injunctive relief. FWS has filed an appeal on this decision in an attempt to overturn the preliminary injunction.

NOTE: You also cannot sell a listed species with knowledge there will be a violation as this could lead to accessory or conspiracy charges.

We encourage all show promoters to remind their vendors before each show of these regulations. The information should also be available for all attendees.

A sample responsible buyer agreement verifying that buyers are knowledgeable of all city, county, state and federal laws can be downloaded at

All species listed as injurious are illegal to transport across state lines unless you meet one of the two qualifications below:

1. For reticulated pythons and green anacondas ONLY: Transportation and shipment across state lines are legal if you have received your membership verification letter from USARK. Every time you personally transport these TWO species across state lines, you should have a printed copy of this letter on your person and easily accessible should an FWS agent request to see it.

You can find all the details on this verification letter and court ruling at Injunctive relief only applies to those USARK members who were current on or before April 8, 2015. Even with this letter, there may be other prohibitions, such as no shipments into Texas or Florida. See link for full details.

2. Interstate transportation is legal if you have received a permit from FWS allowing movement for bona fide research, education, etc. That permit can be found at

Herp species that are listed as injurious:

  1. Reticulated python 
  2. Green anaconda 
  3. Burmese python
  4. Indian python
  5. Northern rock python
  6. Southern rock python
  7. Yellow anaconda
  8. DeSchauensee’s anaconda
  9. Beni anaconda
  10. 201 species of salamanders: List at
  11. Brown tree snake (Boiga irregularis)
As always, part of being a responsible member of the herpetocultural community includes knowing any city, county, state and federal laws applicable to the species you keep or sell. This includes knowing the laws in places you travel to, and through, for shows.

Donate to the USARK Legal Defense Fund

Information for making donations online and via check/money order can be found at You can make one-time, weekly, monthly or annual donations. You can also include a message that will be posted on the Legal Defense Fund Donor Wall at for all to see. You can even choose to make your donation or donation amount anonymous. Thanks for your support as we battle FWS to restore the freedoms of the Reptile Nation.
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