TTPG and Phoenix Reptile Show Recaps!
TTPG Conference Recap
For turtle and tortoise keepers, this conference is a must. The Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group (TTPG) does an incredible job with education and conservation efforts of our shelled friends.

The conference began with field trips to visit the facilities of Bob Blome and Jerry Fife. Not only did visitors see numerous tortoise species including Galapagos, Aldabra, Radiated and Greek, there were also numerous lizard species. These included Mexican Spiny-tailed iguanas (Ctenosaura pectinata), Campeche spinytail iguana (Ctenosaura alfredschmidti) and even a native baby Gila monster, to name a few. These tours were greatly appreciated and definitely some highlights of the conference.

The speaker list was very diverse including talks on husbandry, breeding, medical conditions and everything else turtle and tortoise related. John Richards kicked it off with a great presentation on breeding and conservation of Alligator Snapping turtles. Stephan Böhm from Austria, John Cann from Australia and David Fabius from Uruguay were some of the international speakers. Kenan Harkin from "Kamp Kenan" spoke on bringing the reptile world into mainstream culture.

USARK President Phil Goss gave a talk on animal rights and noted that the entire herp community is being attacked, not just big snake and venomous keepers. In fact, the entire pet community, including dog and cat owners, should be aware of what's happening and know that fraudulent advertising runs rampant as groups pose as animal welfare groups but are actually animal rights. At the heart of animal rights is the belief that there can be no interactions between people and animals that benefit humans. This means NO pets!

The conference was very well attended and it seems the venue will need to expand next year. Thanks to everyone that attended and all the speakers that made this a successful event. Special thanks to Russ Gurley and the TTPG Board of Directors for making this possible.

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Phoenix Reptile Expo
Following the conference was one of the top reptile shows, the Phoenix Reptile Expo. Promoters Drew Rheinhardt and James Badman, who are also TTPG Board members, put on a fantastic show. This is by no means the biggest show, but that's just fine here. The variety from vendors was vast. This is a show that truly has a sense of community and the line of attendees was solid for both days.

Drew Rheinhardt and USARK President Goss did a spot on a Phoenix television station Friday. The host mistook a Galapagos tortoise for a two-headed turtle, but mistakes happen on live tv and, somehow, not everyone is a reptile person.

As with many shows, one of the highlights was the Saturday night benefit auction. This auction was packed with great donations for TTPG, the International Herpetological Symposium (IHS) and USARK. Of note were two Galapagos tortoises donated by Ken Foose, original Australian artwork delivered by John Cann, an original Spider tortoise painting by James Krause (donated by Bob Krause) and even a couple extremely large dinosaur head replicas. A flail (medieval weapon) donated by James Badman sparked much interest, too.

It's safe to say that a good time was had by all as Ken Foose auctioned away. Rheinhardt and Goss stepped in as assistant auctioneers from time to time. The auction raised over $25,000 to help these organizations!

Below is a list of those that made this benefit auction an outstanding success.

$10,000: Ken Foose (Exotic Pets Las Vegas)

$2,000+: Wayne Hill, Bob Krause, Timberline  

$1,000+: Zoo Med, John Cann, Andy Denault

$500+: Psychotic Exotics, Phoenix Reptile Expo, James Badman, Eco Wear & Publishing, Reptile Industries, Exo Terra, Linda Bagley, Drew Rheinhardt, Predators Reptile Center

$250+: Hans Dieter, Reptile Avenue, Dr. Richard Funk, Phil Goss, Sonoran Burms, Jim’s House of Retics, Jeff Luman Reptiles, Offerman Family, Reptile Mogul, Reef & Reptile Company, Arizona Tortoise Compound, 480 Pythons

$100+: Clint Kolz, Russ Gurley,, David Northcott, Kurt Edwards, Bob Applegate, Blue Ghost Reptile,, Project Reptile, Keith Klemme, Mike Krick, J&M Cages, Sunland Breeders, Deer Fern Farms, Michael Thathuvaswamy, Aaron Pauling, Millipedes & More, Allana Brown, Kim Foose, Amanda Rose Wanner, David Fabius, Scott Austin Reptiles, Bill Love, Arid Inlands Greenhouse, Your Gecko Guy, Radical Reptile Fun

Other Donations: Waterland Tubs, Texas Rattlesnake Festival, Designer Geckos, Brom’s Bug Box, Arizona Herpetological Association, Repti Grow, Peter Lindsey, C&H Exotic Morphs, Fife Reptiles, Fork Tongue Farm, Wildside Pets, F.U.I.B. Pets, UnbelievaBalls, TTPG, Tim Cole, John Richards, Stephan Bohme, Peter Limosey, Arizona Reptile Center, The Stock Shop
Special thanks to all our volunteers as these auctions and the USARK booths are not possible without your help.

Volunteers:  Russ, Lupe, Caitlin, Meg, Debbie, Isaiah, Katy, Carlos, Vince, James, Barry, Kurt, Joey, Allana and Drew
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