A recap of the NARBC and White Plains shows, as well as the USARK Pyxis tortoise comment.
Update: ESA Listing of Pyxis Tortoises
USARK filed our comment regarding a proposed Endangered Species Act listing for two species of Pyxis tortoises. Thank you to the Board members of the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group (TTPG) and others who contributed to our comment. View the filing at www.usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/USARK_Pyxis_Listing_Comment_Letter.pdf.

FAQ and more information at www.usark.org/2014-blog/pyxis-tortoises/.

NARBC Anaheim

Another NARBC has come and gone. The show featured top breeders from across the country and it was great to see a huge amount of support for USARK. Thanks to Bob, Brian, Sheri, Kristen, Rob and the NARBC crew.

Brian Potter ran the mic at the Saturday night auction. One obvious highlight from the auction was an effort to raise funds for herp photographer David Northcott as he recovers from a heart transplant. NARBC helped raise over $3,500 for Dave. This was possible due to generous bids on items donated by Ton Jones, Kammerflage Kreations and Phil Goss, as well as cash contributions from Timberline (Todd Goodman), Zoo Med (Gary Bagnall), Sandfire Dragon Ranch and S.C.H.A.R. (Jason).

The NARBC auction also raised over $9,500 for USARK. Below is a list of donors who made this possible:

$1,000+: Timberline Live Foods, Burke Reptiles, Psychotic Exotics, Freedom Breeder, Exotics by Nature

$500+: Zoo Med, Bob Applegate, NoCo Reptiles, Reptile Avenue, Southern California Herp Association and Rescue (S.C.H.A.R.), Prehistoric Pets, Solid Hogs, Exo Terra, Jay and Laurie Zellwegger, Greathouse Farm, Jon's Jungle

$250+: Eco Publishing and Eco Wear, ARS Caging, Sunland Breeders, World Serpent Exotics, Reptile Rescue Orange County RROC), Bill Lane, Serpents of the Damned, Exotic Pets Las Vegas (Ken and Kim Foose), Mike Fluharty, Goss Reptiles, Hardy Reptiles, TSK Supply, Universal Rock, Aquariums R' Us

Other Donations: Millipedes and More, AcrylicCages.com, Sharp Shooter Reptiles, Mike Krick Books, America's Finest Balls, Scott Austin Reptiles, Pyro Morphs, DM Exotics, Jenny Lee, Waterland Tubs, Tortoise Supply, Rainbow Mealworms, Rep Pro, Sensational Pets, F.U.I.B. Pets, Roscoe's Reptiles, Dart Frog Connection, Bill Love, Inland Bearded Dragons, The Reptile Den, Crested Mania, Hikari, Living Gems Reptiles, Jeff Gee, Sandfire Dragon Ranch

Volunteers: Erin Sloan, Lupe, Katy Bugler, Reiner, Isaiah, Carlos, Jason, Mark, Justuce, Ashton, Rebecca Clarkson, Andrew Bryan, Kim Gee

If we missed anyone, please let us know. We appreciate the support from everyone as these fundraisers allow USARK to continue the battle against anti-pet groups and anti-herp legislation.

New York Metro Reptile Expo (White Plains)

The USARK volunteers did a fantastic job educating herpers in the New York area (see photo below with Brian Barczyk of BHB Reptiles). They raised over $1,000 for USARK. Show promoter Bruce Lowder donated booth space and also wrote a check for $500 to USARK showing his support.

Volunteers: Andy Sollecito (coordinator), Kimberly AlpertNadilyn Beato - Wildlife Illustrator, Mollie Louise, Francisco and Gregory Remillard. Thanks, Bruce and volunteers! Show details at www.reptileexpo.com/nyfirst.htm.

Aquaculturists Alerts

Two issues have arisen recently. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has made a final rule listing 20 coral species as “threatened.” Comments will be due on or before November 10. View the Federal Register posting at www.usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/NOAA-20-Corals-Final-Rule.pdf.
Also, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) announced a 90-day finding on seven Indo-Pacific species included in a petition to list eight species of pomacentrid reef fish as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). These are the Orange clownfish (Amphiprion percula) and seven other damselfishes. This is a similar action to the recent Pyxis tortoise issue (link at www.usark.org/2014-blog/pyxis-tortoises/. View the Federal Register notice at www.usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/ESA-CLOWN-FISH.pdfThe deadline to comment is November 3.
Those wanting to take action should network with other aquaculturists, trade organizations, suppliers, etc.
Other Events
Canadian Reptile and Exotic Pet Breeders Expo: September 13-14 in Toronto, Canada. More details at www.reptilebreedersexpo.ca/.

Repticon FIRE: September 13-14 in Lakeland, FL. Details at www.repticon.com/index.html.

All Ohio Reptile Show: September 13 in Hilliard, OH. More details at www.allohioreptileshows.webs.com.

Chico Reptile Show: September 13 in Chico, CA. Show details at www.chicoreptileshow.com/.

Cin City Reptile Show:  September 14 in Mason, OH. More details at www.cincityreptileshow.com.

Indiana Reptile Breeders' Expo: September 21 in Clarksville, IN. More details at www.irbexpo.com.

NARBC Arlington: September 27-28 in Arlington, Texas. USARK will see you there! Get more details at www.narbc.com/Arlington/arlington.html.

Sacramento Reptile Show: September 27-28 in Sacramento, CA. Stop and say hello at the USARK booth! Show details at www.sacreptileshow.com/.

Georgia Reptile Experience: Sept. 27-28 in Macon, GA. More information for this educational event presented by the Georgia Reptile Society at

Kentucky Reptile Expo: October 4 in Louisville, KY. More details at www.kentuckyreptileexpo.com/.

NARBC Tinley Park: October 11-12 in Tinley Park, IL.  Show details at www.narbc.com/Tinley/tinley_park.html.

Midwest Herpetological Symposium: October 17-19 in Indianapolis, IN. Discount for registration before Sept. 15. Get more details at www.hoosierherpsoc.org/pdf/SymposiumBrochure.pdf.

SEWERFEST Reptile Show: November 9 in Sturtevant, WI. Be sure to stop by the MAHS and USARK booths. Show details at www.sewerfest.com/.

Tracy Reptile Show: November 8-9 in Tracy, CA. Show details at www.shedskin.net/Shedskin.net/2014_TRACY_REPTILE_EXPO.html.

2014 TTPG Conference on Turtles and Tortoises: November 12-14 in Mesa, AZ. Get details and register at www.ttpg.org/conference2014.html.

Phoenix Reptile Expo: November 15-16 in Mesa, AZ. Show details at www.phxreptileexpo.com/.

Northwest Reptile Expos: January 17 in Portland, OR. Show details at www.nwreptileexpos.com/.

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