Reptile Super Show Pomona recap, RAACA is back and more...

Reptile Super Show Pomona Recap

The Reptile Super Show was huge! It was over 100,000 s.f. filled with vendors from across the country and captive bred animals. Ramy again did a fantastic job. Thank you, Ramy and Super Show Crew for your continued support!

Education always plays a huge role at the Reptile Super Shows. The crew from the Southern California Herpetology Association and Rescue (SCHAR) had several animals. This allows attendees to interact with and learn about different species. In addition to educating about the biology and natural history of herps and inverts, SCHAR and other vendors answered questions including which species will be acceptable pets depending on your experience and resources. Remember to always research any species, even dogs and cats, before bringing them home. Pets are lifetime commitments and should never be bought impulsively.

This event allowed USARK to set a new West Coast fundraising record. We raised over $40,000 thanks to donations and our auction. This number was made possible by Zilla. On top of the pallet of products donated to the auction, Ryan McVeigh from Zilla again presented USARK with a $25,000 check on Saturday night. Zilla stepped up and donated $25,000 last year, too. The Reptile Super Show kicked in another $1,000. The Saturday night auction went very well to cap off the first show day. In addition, Zoo Med and MistKing held silent auctions for decked out terrariums on Sunday.

Thank you to all the donating show vendors who make these auctions happen. You make USARK possible. Thanks as well to the incredible USARK volunteers and everyone who attended our auction.

Pomona Donors:

$1,000: Zoo Med, Angel's Exotic Reptiles, Zilla, Psychotic Exotics, Kerry King, Prehistoric Pets, Colorado Reptile Company

Southern California Herpetology Association and Rescue (SCHAR), Exo Terra, Jim's House of Retics, World Serpent Exotics, The Knobtail, Layne Labs, Scott Austin Reptiles, California Breeders union, DM Exotics, Predators Reptile Center, SLO Gecko

$250: MistKing, CaribSea, Reptile Emporium, Jay Sommers, 480 Pythons, Serpents of the Damned, Reptile Mogul, Rockabirdie Reptiles, Treacher's Creatures, Sunland Breeders, Pet Kingdom, Scales, Geckos Etc., Desert Moon Reptiles, Lonnie Cornell, UnbelievaBalls, Sticky Tongue Farms, C&H Exotic Morphs, Brian Grieg Fry, Brian Kusko Photography, Ramy Guirguis (Reptile Super Show, Night Shift Exotics, Reptile Rescue Orange County (RROC; Sam Makki), Zoo Rang, Project Reptile, Goss Reptiles, Unhinged Reptiles, David Northcott, Solid Hogs (Dan Krull), Jenny Lee, Superior Balls & Dragons, Sensational Pets, Reef & Reptile Company, Josh's Frogs, SanTan Reptiles, KC's Reptiles

$100: Mike Phat Frogs, Rose Exotic Reptiles, Frank's Frogs, Amazing Blue Reptiles, Cold-Hearted Exotics, Carlos Medina,, TSK Supply, JM Cages, Millipedes & More, Bob Dole, Dart Frog Connection, DIY Cages, 
Bassett's Cricket Ranch, The Reptile Den, Reptile Island, Sandfire Dragon Ranch, Addicted 2 Reptiles, Big Mike's Rats & Rodents, Roscoe's Reptiles, Star Dust Scales, KP's Critters, Freedom Breeder, Jeff Luman Reptiles, Pacific Coast Reptiles, Inland Bearded Dragons

Additional contributions: Cliffside Exotics, Las vegas Fish & Reptiles, Elephants, Etc., Captive Inverts, Pets at Sunset, Alpha Geckos, Eckogen, Mother Nature, Josh D. Dragons, Rainbows-R-Us Reptiles, Francisco Torres, Joey Welsh, Professional Reptile Breeders, Bonehead Reptiles, Lick Your Eyeballs, Lugarti, Creative Pet Supply, HC Premium Reptile, Snakebiz, Scales Exotic Creatures, JL Exotics, Verdant Vivariums, Nature's Creations, Castles for Reptiles, Rainbow Mealworms, Langhover's Loops

Special thanks to all our volunteers as these auctions and the USARK booths are not possible without them.

 Chad and Nanette Gaines (Reptile Emporium), Lupe,
Nikaya Chausmer, Isaiah, Carlos, Erin Sloan, Meg, Shawna, Justuce, Averie and Chloe Brubaker, Katy Bugler, Jason (SCHAR Prez), Andrew Bryan, Cody, Danielle Sevier, Ken and Connie Van Doren, Matt and Kendyl Bernardin, Taco Rodriguez, David Silva, Erik Veach, Heather Salemme, Reiner, Badda Bing
If we missed anyone, please let us know. We appreciate the support from everyone as these fundraisers allow USARK to continue the battle against anti-pet groups and anti-herp legislation.

RAACA Returns!

Are you ready? RAACA (Reptile and Amphibian Charity Auctions) is now accepting donations for an event to be held soon. Donation entries must be submitted before January 20. Thank you to all donors and bidders!

The event will be held at Please join the Facebook page and invite others. RAACA has raised over $220,000 for non-profit organizations. Thank you, RAACA!


If you would like to donate, read below from RAACA.

1.) We are accepting reptiles, amphibians and related supplies (including art).

2.) Venomous are not permitted, sorry but the risk of not being able to screen buyers prevents us from being able to accept venomous or crocodilian donations.

3.) Buyer pays shipping. Donor does not pay freight.

4.) Please only donate healthy, mite free, feeding animals!

5.) We need a CLEAR photograph and the following information filled out.

6.) Shipping is a concern this time of year due to weather, if you would like to retain the right to hold the animal until you deem the weather suitable for shipping please include your personal specifics in the note section of the donation form (i.e. temperature parameters, held at hub requirements, Delta option etc...)

7.) Email the following information to: BEFORE 1/20/15 to be included in the event. 

Thank you!

Species - 

Morph - 

Age -

Quantity -

Sex - 

Feeding on - 

Donated By –

Email -

Phone -

Website –

Note -

Proposed Endangered Species Act Listings

FWS has announced their review of the status of eleven species, including nin Caribbean skinks, to determine if listing actions are warranted. They are requesting scientific and commercial data, and other information regarding these species. The 60-day comment period ends March 14. 2016. The below species are being reviewed:
Culebra skink 
Great Basin silverspot butterfly 
Greater Saint Croix skink 
Greater Virgin Islands skink 
Lesser Saint Croix skink 
Mona skink 
Narrow-foot diving beetle 
Northern Rockies population of fisher 
Puerto Rican skink 
Scott riffle beetle 

Virgin Islands bronze skink
View the federal register document with all information at Click on any URL at that link (table on second page) to comment on the docket at
Salamander Injurious Listing

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has posted their interim rule in the federal register. They have listed 201 species (from 20 genera) of salamanders as injurious. This will prohibit importation and interstate transportation of the listed amphibians. The interstate transportation prohibition applies to both captive bred and previously imported animals. The interim rule will be effective on January 28.

This is an interim and not a final rule. As always, remember that it is crucial to never release pets into the wild.

There is a 60 day comment period. The deadline to comment is March 14, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST. USARK will provide additional information.

"This action is necessary to protect the interests of wildlife and wildlife resources from the introduction, establishment, and spread of the chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans [Bsal] into ecosystems of the United States." - FWS


Read the interim rule at

Link to comment:!submitComment;D=FWS_FRDOC_0001-1432.

See all species listed at

View a FWS Question and Answer sheet at

Find all supplementary information at

More information at

View the USARK newsletter from December 2014 regarding Bsal at

Donate to the USARK Legal Defense Fund
Information for making donations online and via check/money order can be found at You can make one-time, weekly, monthly or annual donations. You can also include a message that will be posted on the Legal Defense Fund Donor Wall at for all to see. You can even choose to make your donation or donation amount anonymous. Thanks for your support as we battle FWS to restore the freedoms of the Reptile Nation.
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Armadillo Reptile Expo: Austin, TX. Show details at
SEWERFest Reptile Show:  Sturtevant, WI. Show details at

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