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Action Alert: Potential ESA Listing of Pyxis Tortoises
Deadline Sept. 8
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has made a 90-Day Finding that the listing of the Spider tortoise (Pyxis arachnoides) and the Flat-tailed tortoise (Pyxis planicauda) as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act may be warranted. This includes all subspecies. If you have business, scientific, or display interests in these species, it is critical for you to provide information. Comments are due September 8, 2014.

What to do:

  1. Submit relevant information and comments directly to FWS at www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=FWS-HQ-ES-2014-0012-0001;
  2. Provide USARK with your concerns, relevant scientific and commercial data, and any other information you believe useful to assist us developing the Association’s comment. Email information to info@USARK.org.

Related Links:

Federal Register Announcement: www.usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Federal-Register-Spider-Tortoise.pdf

Spider Tortoise Petition: www.usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Spider_Tortoise_Petition_FoA_WG.pdf

Flat-tailed Tortoise Petition: www.usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/FlatTailed_Tortoise_Petition_FoA_WG.pdf

Posted Comments: www.regulations.gov/#!docketBrowser;rpp=25;po=0;dct=PS;D=FWS-HQ-ES-2014-0012

FWS Notice of Petition Page: www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=FWS-HQ-ES-2014-0012-0001

Sample Comment from a tortoise breeder: www.usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Pyxis-Comment-1.pdf

FAQ, comment guidelines and more information at www.usark.org/2014-blog/pyxis-tortoises/.

Daytona National Reptile Breeders' Expo
It's time for Daytona! The show still referred to by many longtime herpers as just "expo" is back and ready for another great event. This is the only chance to see some breeders and there will be species here not seen at any other show. Zoo Med is hosting Turtle Talks on Friday night at the Hilton. Also, be sure to attend the benefit auction Saturday night. Hundreds of herpers will fill a room for a unique atmosphere and great time to support your herp community.

Thanks to show promoter Wayne Hill, the NRBE auction has raised $100,000 to benefit USARK. NRBE auctions have also benefited many other organizations and conservation efforts, too.

USARK needs volunteers to help with the auction and preparation. If you would like to volunteer and help USARK, please send an email to info@USARK.org. Get more details at

USARK Attends Woofstock

USARK is proud to announce that we've been invited to Branford Woofstock in Connecticut on August 16. This will allow us to spread awareness about animal rights and the AR agenda to end pet ownership of all species, including dogs and cats. There will be food, music, and more! Come show your support for your pets, USARK and the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter!

Volunteers needed! Contact us at info@usdark.org. Special thanks to Andy Sollecito for arranging this and running the USARK booth. Event information at at www.branfordanimalshelter.org/woofstock.html and www.facebook.com/BranfordWoofstock.
TXARK and Snyder, Texas Update

August 7: Raymond Shook of Snyder, Texas was able to meet with the Snyder City Manager, Merle Taylor, regarding the issue of speaking to the city council to change the city's ordinance on reptiles. Mr. Shook reports that the meeting was a success! He was able to secure a spot on the September 8th City Council Meeting Agenda.

Get more information on this ordinance at www.facebook.com/TXARK/photos/. All Texas residents should Like the TXARK Facebook page and support this group at www.facebook.com/TXARK. Thanks, TXARK and Raymond Shook!
Florida Public Meetings Regarding Wildlife and Exotics
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has announced plans for seven meetings regarding captive wildlife. These meetings regard a periodic review and potential adjustments to the current regulations. Stakeholders and pet keepers can get details at http://usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/FWC-2014-Workshops.pdf.

Other News/Events
Canadian Reptile and Exotic Pet Breeders Expo: September 13-14 in Toronto, Canada. More details at www.reptilebreedersexpo.ca/.

NARBC Arlington: September 27-28 in Arlington, Texas. Get more details at www.narbc.com/Arlington/arlington.html.

NARBC Anaheim: September 6-7 in Anaheim, CA. Get show information at www.narbc.com/Anaheim/anaheim.html.

Georgia Reptile Experience: Sept. 27-28 in Macon, GA. More information for this educational event presented by the Georgia Reptile Society at

SEWERFEST Reptile Show: November 9 in Sturtevant, WI. Be sure to stop by the MAHS and USARK booths. Show details at www.sewerfest.com/.

Midwest Herpetological Symposium: October 17-19 in Indianapolis, IN. Discount for registration before Sept. 1. Get more details at www.hoosierherpsoc.org/pdf/SymposiumBrochure.pdf.

Austin Reptile Expo: August 23-24 in Round Rock, TX. More information at www.austinreptileexpo.com/.
Midwest Reptile Show: August 31 in Indianapolis, IN. More information at www.midwestreptile.com/index.php.

Cin City Reptile Show:  September 14 in Mason, OH. More details at www.cincityreptileshow.com.

Indiana Reptile Breeders' Expo: September 21 in Clarksville, IN. More details at www.irbexpo.com.

All Ohio Reptile Show:  August 23 in Hilliard, OH. More details at www.allohioreptileshows.webs.com.

Kentucky Reptile Expo: October 4 in Louisville, KY. More details at www.kentuckyreptileexpo.com/.

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