Dear Friends,

You are making a difference and we want to thank you. How do we know?

On or about May 30th the NRPC had the nerve to file a copyright complaint to the server that hosts our wonderful Granite State Futures website, a comprehensive labor of love that exposes "regional government" and the agenda behind the NH Granite State Future program. Since the GSF program is 100% paid for with our tax dollars, under NH law RSA 91-a we have the right to see, link to, copy, mark up, and display any and all of their websites, calendars, events, information, and documents, period.

Furthermore there is no law against using a URL that is one letter different from anyone else's.

There is no money to be made and therefore no reason for them to have registered their name with the S.O.S. We are not pretending to be them (why would we?) and we are only discussing them in an effort to call attention to what they are doing. We still think that less than 1/10 of 1% of all NH taxpayers even know what regional governance is all about, that it even exists, or what agenda it is promoting to their towns.  The site gets at least 100 new viewers per week who are still learning about it.

The case was closed. Or so we thought. Then, GSF representatives met with interested parties from the state legislature. The meeting must not have gone very well because the very next day on June 12th, NRPC filed yet another similar complaint. Once again the server upheld our right of free speech, having received no proof from the GSF that we are not allowed to direct people to their public calendar, events, help them find their regions, or see our markup of their documents, which have not been altered for content, but clearly show that the added info is our opinion.

If you don't believe that Agenda 21 is not a driving force in shaping our lives consider what is happening in China. This article asks the question, what will happen when the money runs out and all the people herded into cities from their farms have no place to go and nothing to do in the way of work?  We can only remember history and shudder.

Although it hasn't quite happened on this scale here yet, this push to urbanism is one of the goals; cities as the new political divisions in each mega region of the  United States, with local governments dismantled. There is plenty of information in HUD and APA documents to be found everywhere that support this idea.

Please tell anyone you think might be interested in our site and newsletter. You may forward this email after removing your subscription links, so they can sign up on their own if they wish.

- GSF(s)