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New Group - Auckland 2040

A new group opposing the Unitary Plan has emerged and is getting good media coverage. Their aims are very similar to ours. We have the opportunity to align ourselves with them which will exert more pressure to slow down the UP process. They are keen for our support because of our track record and wide reaching membership. They have the advantage of a very experienced planner who is exposing many of the anomalies in the plan that the Council aren't telling us about. They also have good media contacts. The two groups would remain separate but would agree on the points in the following letter. Please read their position statements here. I recommend we support them at their public meeting on Sunday afternoon. (see box at right). If you do not agree with this course of action please email me by Saturday 5pm at the latest.

Mayor signals re-think

The time is right to apply more pressure as the cracks are starting to show. In the Herald this week Len Brown signalled a change of heart about some areas. We need to let him know that giving a reprieve to a couple of coastal suburbs is not enough to change our minds and support the UP.

The ink is hardly dry on the Housing Accord and the Council and the Government are already at odds about the release of land for housing. We are only 5 months from Local Body elections.

This is not the time to lock the city into a hurried, error-ridden plan that would bring about the biggest changes the city has ever seen.




WHEN:This Sunday 19th at 4.30pm
WHERE: Takapuna Grammar School Lake Road Belmont
WHAT: Auckland 2040 
This public meeting will educate the public on the facts of the Plan, present an action plan to secure 50,000 Feedback forms and announce the founding members of the Auckland 2040 coalition.

Please tell your members friends and neighbours about this chance to hear the real story about the Unitary Plan. 

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.



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