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I have some very good news. Sue Simons of Berry Simons, has agreed to prepare our submission. She is a leading planning lawyer and we are lucky to have her. She will prepare our submission based on the five points (in the box on the right) that were agreed at the Coalition meeting in November. However she has asked us to provide her with more detail on each of the points so she knows how to construct our points. Providing this information will also save us money so it is vitally important that we get as much help with this as possible.

Please send me points to be included, examples and any relevant references as soon as possible but at the latest by 10th February.

Fighting Fund

The written submission is just the first step in a three year process that includes appearing before the panel. Sue has given me an undertaking that the cost of this phase will not exceed $5000. She wanted to give us some certainty as we are a voluntary group. Thanks to the groups and individuals who have pledged funds already and I know there are some groups who are not in a position to donate at the moment. However even $100 from each of our member groups would cover this first fee. Please let me know so I am in a position to move forward.
I look forward to hearing from you all.




These are the points that we want covered in our submission
Section 32 analysis
 – fails to meet the requirements of that section
Policy and Objectives section -  not robust and lacking in detail
Support what we want to keep -  e.g. defend the pre-1944  provision
Notification issues – challenge “affected parties” provision
Benefits of heritage – economic and otherwise
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