Devastating news for character and heritage in Auckland. Should we keep fighting?

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Setback for our cause 

Many of you will have seen the IHP Interim Guidance on Topic 29 and 30 and the very bad news it contains for special character and the Pre 1944 demolition control overlay. If you have not seen it you can read it here.

The summary is below

Special Character and Pre-1944 - released 15 July 2015
  • The Panel is not convinced that special character is “historic heritage” requiring protection as a matter of national importance.
  • If Council wishes to change the provisions from special character to historic character (i.e. a change from s7 to s6 of the RMA) then it should proceed by a plan change.
  • Howick should remain a special character area.
  • Additional special character areas should be addressed by a future plan change.
  • The Pre-1944 Demolition Control Overlay is placing unnecessary constraints and burdens on landowners seeking to develop their properties.
  • It is also an unnecessary burden on submitters preparing for hearings on topic 079 Special Character and Pre-1944 Mapping.
  • No evidence to suggest that the pre-1944 buildings are at any significant risk of demolition or relocation.
  • No evidence that the areas where there are pre-1944 buildings are at risk of losing their character.
  • If the Council wishes to pursue the Pre-1944 Demolition Control Overlay this should be done through a plan change process.
The CC hearings team is still coming to grips with how to deal with this devastating blow but rest assured we are not giving up. It does however make my call in the recent newsletter for increased donations even more pressing as we will need to gather more evidence to convince the IHP of the threat that we know exists.

Here is how all members can also help
  • Contact your Councillor and all members of your Local Board and let them know that you disagree strongly with the Panel's guidance. Tell them it is imperative that the Pre 1944 overlay stays until the assessment work is completed. 
  • Send me evidence of demolitions and inappropriate new developments. Photos of new builds where something pre 1944 has been lost would be great.
This will provide the hard evidence the Panel says is missing of the real threat to heritage housing in communities across Auckland.

Please let me know that you support us continuing to fight for the character and heritage of Auckland. Some feedback and encouragement would be great.








Auckland Council’s push to protect pre-1944 houses ‘unnecessary’

Auckland residents say they feel deflated and ignored after the rejection of a council proposal to protect character housing areas built before 1944.

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