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Week Six - 3 weeks to go

An alternative way forward
The opposition to the Unitary Plan is mounting with 
angry meetings and a great deal of discussion in the media. We now seem to have reached the point where the general public also will soon be looking for alternatives that provide for some sensible level of intensification, perhaps in a staged manner. A viable alternative approach has been suggested by Dick Bellamy of the South Epson Planning Group:-

  • Council to extend the consultation period to give time for everybody to have a “cup of tea” and consider a better prepared range of options.
  • Council to release the detailed papers on which the current draft has been based, including detailed legal input and advice from Auckland Transport and Watercare.   
  • Council to agree to adopt a staged approach and prepare a series of local precinct plans providing for intensification, but involving local community input. Once agreed, these plans could be incorporated sequentially into the Unitary Plan, in a staged manner, as required by population growth and current demand.

Such an approach would allow Council to proceed in the meantime with other aspects of the Plan such as the urban boundary and general transport, infrastructure and marine planning work.  With refinement, much of that work would be generally accepted if it is evidence-based; anyway it is work that should be done before commitment to specific intensification, not after!

As matters stand at present, Councillors are getting seriously close to losing the support of rational people who occupy the middle ground in this debate.  Many of these people support the need for an urban boundary and appropriate design-based intensification, but they don’t support the current compass circle approach and the random placing of orange blobs of intensification on the current maps.

The Coalition is going to push for this approach. 

If you support these suggestions please circulate them to your networks and your Local Board members and Councillor. 

Everyone wants a better Auckland, but it has to be one we ALL want to live in.




A great article in the weekend Herald about Allan Matson's continued efforts on behalf of all people who value heritage

He points to three reasons why our built heritage - character streets as well as individual significant buildings - is under threat: ignorance, not enough carrots, not enough sticks. In other words, much heritage remains unidentified; building owners will struggle with the cost of rapid earthquake reinforcement; and the Unitary Plan calls for massive intensification, which means money for those willing to cut through red tape, demolish their old houses and build blocks of flats instead.


These are the forums to add your voice to (click on the links below)
Transport Blog 
Council blog
Cities Matter
Unitary Plan Submit now
Also any Herald articles about the UP have comments following them.


Respect for landscape

Respect for nature

Respect for community

Respect for tradition

Respect for difference

Respect for heritage

Respect for stories

Respect for memories

Respect for buildings

If any proposal does not tick all the boxes it should not be allowed to proceed. Effective plans avoid the rule of lawyers. You can argue forever over 1600 pages, and finally the lawyers and the wealthy win.

When planning is reduced to one word there is nothing to argue about.
With thanks to Tony Watkins
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