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Week Five
Only 4 weeks to go

Many member groups have been busy hosting meetings, preparing feedback and doing letter box drops. It would be great to share all that information with other groups on our website. See below for some great examples of what two groups have done. Please send me examples of what has happened in your area. Any flyers, links to blogs or photos of meetings or activities that you would like to share please email them to me. It may just inspire someone else with a great new idea.

Save Our St Heliers has been talking to locals about what the changes will mean for their suburb in the main street every Saturday morning. They have laminated maps and posters showing the height limits to explain the Unitary Plan to residents. This has been very successful with over 300 people leaving their emails for information to be forwarded to them about sending in feedback.

A a standing room only meeting was held in Belmont yesterday which Grant Gillon (pictured below) chaired. He dealt with what he described as the various myths behind the Unitary Plan. First up was his critique of the million extra people in 30 years assumption - using Govt statistics to rebut that. He also challenged assumptions about whether the intensification would genuinely lead to the development of affordable housing.




There are now 57 groups in the Coalition. Welcome to Grey Lynn Residents Assoc, Westmere Heritage Protection Assoc, Three Kings United Group Inc and Mainline Steam Heritage Trust. 

If you know of any other groups who may want to join please let me know.


Only a couple of members have asked me for flyers. I am happy to mail them out to you if picking them up is a problem. You can see the full flyer again here




These are the forums to add your voice to (click on the links below)
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Also any Herald articles about the UP have comments following them.

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