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We had our most important appearance yet at the Independent Hearings Panel (IHP) last Tuesday. Jennie Hayman from Remuera Heritage and Alex Dempsey from Save Our St Heliers got together to write the evidence for Topic 10 Heritage and Special Character. Alex presented it to the panel. She spoke for 10 minutes which is the allotted time but she was questioned for 25 minutes. The questions were probing and thoughtful and allowed Alex to get across many of the points the Coalition has been at pains to make.

I think that level of questioning shows that the panel is interested in the views of the community and it made all the hours and hours that we (especially Alex) have spent getting to this stage.

You can click here to read the paper she presented. I'm sure you will agree it is excellent.

Proposed Adjournment of Topics 029 and 030 

We have had a number of queries from members about the request from the IHP asking whether groups would support the adjournment of Topics 029 Special Character and 030 Pre-1944 until the end of next year instead of the scheduled time of April 2015. Both Auckland 2040 and the Coalition have some concerns about the adjournment but there could also be benefits.

Auckland 2040 are concerned about the legality of the Council proposing a whole new overlay which could cover a much smaller area without the public having the right of submission on the provisions of the new overlay and the areas covered. Remember that there are effectively no rights of appeal in this process except on points of law. They are seeking legal advice on this. On the other hand we both support the Council doing specific area studies to define the areas which should have special protection. A reduction of the areas covered by the pre-1944 overlay might actually help it to survive the hearings process. There is a very strong push from developers and others for it to be ditched completely.

If you have received this request you do not need to notify the IHP until 9 January although you may want to respond before Christmas. If possible we would suggest that you hold off replying until we can provide you with more information.




Auckland 2040 have their first major hearing on Tuesday 16 December at 9.30 on some very significant issues including intensification.

If you can come along and support them they would really appreciate it. We need to show the IHP just how many groups and residents we are representing.  It is also interesting to see how the process works if you haven't been already. It should take about an hour.

Hearing Room 1, Level 16, Tower 1, 205 Queen Street on the corner of Queen St and Victoria St West

Finally I wish you all a very happy festive season and a well earned holiday.



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