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Submission on PUP

A huge thank you to the member groups who attended the meeting on 13th November and also to those groups who sent their apologies but restated their commitment to the cause. It was highly productive and we came away with an outline of the five main points for our submission. Have a look below and if you have anything to add please email me.
  1. Section 32 analysis – fails to meet the requirements of that section
  2. Policy and Objectives section -  not robust and lacking in detail
  3. Support what we want to keep -  e.g. defend the pre-1944  provision
  4. Notification issues – challenge “affected parties” provision
  5. Benefits of heritage – economic and otherwise

Fighting Fund

The Coalition has achieved much with a lot of voluntary time from a small number of people and very little expense. To make a credible submission we will have to engage a planning expert and this will cost money. I ask you now to support what you stand for and donate to the fighting fund. Donations will go into a dedicated account and be returned if unspent. Member groups can pledge an amount and pay when we have a firm quote. Please let me know if your group is prepared to contribute to the fighting fund.

We also need an expert to help us put the submission together. Please email me with suggestions for anyone that we could approach. This is urgent as time is running out.




To make a formal submission and raise funds we need a bank account and some protection against legal action. Those at the meeting voted to form an incorporated society. Please email me with your comments.

We have been told by someone who used to work at the Council in a very senior capacity that now is not the time to give up. We must engage with this next stage and I need your help.

Kind Regards



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