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The Council has outlined how they are processing the feedback and what they have planned for the next few months. You can read it here. However judging from the report of today's meeting between the Governing Body and the Local Board Chairs we shouldn't get our hopes up that they have listened to us. Penny Hulse talks of 'refinements' to height limits which shows she has taken no notice of the widespread outrage across the city about random multi-storey buildings popping up in 49% of Auckland. Read the report here


We have created a Draft Unitary Plan feedback section on the website. Thanks to member groups who have already sent theirs in. It would be great to have as many as possible on the site so please send them in to The Character Coalition 's feedback is posted there.

People have expressed concern about how the feedback is being coded so I have written a letter to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and CEO asking for clarification of the coding system being applied and a number of other relevant questions.

You can read the letter here If you have trouble downloading it please email me for a copy.

Another way of ensuring that the elected politicians get to see your feedback is to send a copy directly to them. I urge you to send your group and individual feedback to your ward councillor and to your local board members. Their email addresses are on the Council website. Ward councillors here and Local Boards here They have consistently said they want to know what we think. Let's tell them!

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See the attached notice for an interesting talk about "The Auckland Disunitary Plan" that has been recommended by one of our members. Friday 21st June 7.30pm at GAPS 17a Powell St Avondale. Tony Watkins is a very entertaining speaker and this is a free event.


Auckland 2040 are continuing to lobby for changes to the Draft Unitary Plan. They have asked to list the Character Coalition member groups on their website to indicate our support for their call to rethink the plan. If you do not want your group's name added please let me know. You can read our joint statement again here.
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