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Come to an important meeting August 13

Although the Unitary Plan seems to have gone very quiet in the media, there is still a lot happening behind the scenes. A reference group on the pre 1944 overlay was held on Saturday 6th July. A number of Coalition members were present. We advocated strongly for the retention of the overlay and also for our other Coalition 'bottom lines'. You can read the notes here. Councillors are scheduled to have a workshop session on Heritage and Character at the start of August, which will include feedback on the reference group discussion, and any interim directions will be reported to the Auckland Plan Committee on August 13th. 

It is important that the Councillors know there is substantial support for the overlay so please come and support character and heritage at this meeting. We want a good number at this meeting to ensure the pre 1944 overlay is not deleted or watered down. Please let me know if you are coming.

The meeting is at the Town Hall Reception Lounge, Level 2, at 10am. Do not let the Council think that opposition to the Unitary Plan has gone away.

Time to Lobby your Councillors and Boards

A number of workshops have been held for Local Boards and there is a mapping workshop on August 2nd where Local Boards will present feedback from their areas. If your Board hasn't involved your group now would be a good time to ask to see their feedback. Make sure it reflects what you want for your area. We have been told that some Boards are divided and the Chairs are not reflecting the majority view in their area.
Keep your Board honest. 

Have you emailed, phoned or met with your local Councillor recently? Once the UP is notified it will be extremely difficult and costly to achieve any change.  
This is your chance to influence what happens in your area
. Remind your councillor that the UP will be an election issue and they should be representing their constituents views.

You can read the minutes of the most recent Auckland Plan Committee meeting on July 25th here. They made decisions about a range of issues.

Keep up the good work everyone.




Save Our St Heliers is holding a seminar by Philip Hartley (Salmond Reed Architects) on Wednesday 31st July 7pm at St Heliers Library.  Thoroughly Modern Heritage looks at issues of conservation for our Modernist architectural heritage, which will be illustrated with examples from Auckland.  You are invited to join SOS for a glass of wine and nibbles after the talk. See more information here.


Auckland 2040 have proposed a split in the mixed housing zone which seems to be gaining some traction with the Council . You can read their proposal here.


There was a worrying article in the business pages of the Herald on Tuesday with Fletchers wanting 5 storeys for the Unitary Plan. Read it here.

n case you missed the Coalition opinion piece in the Herald you can read it here.

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